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Swor Family Reunions

Swortown, Henry County, Tennessee

"A people that take no pride in the noble achievements of remote ancestors will never achieve anything worthy to be remembered by remote descendants."


The Swor Reunion has been at the following places for the last 31 years.

You maybe wondering what happens at a Swor Reunion and why has it been held in Paris, Henry County, Tennessee almost every other year since the reunions started in 1975? The National Association of Swor Families was started in an effort to locate and learn more about the descendants of John Swor. The reunions are to pay tribute to the early Swor pioneers that settled in the Paris, Henry County, Tennessee area and migrated all over the United States. At the Swor reunions we enjoy visiting, eating, sightseeing by taking tours of the area, swimming and just having good old clean fun. Of course, having a good time together is what it is all about.

The National Association of Swor Families - 2010 Reunion will be hosted by Ryan and Terry Kendall and Megan (Jackson) and Chris Parker. If you are interested in learning more about the Swor reunion, please contact me. My email address is located on following web site: John Swor and His Descendants Home Page

2010 Swor Family Reunion

Photos of the National Association of Swor Families Officers

Swor Family Quarterly

Swor Ancestors Photos

Swor 2001 Reunion - Tarantula Excursion Train Trip

Swor Family Reunion in Gatlinsburg, TN 2006

National Association of Swor Families Frappr Map

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