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Department Officers 2001-2002



3649Members and Still Growing

We, combat veterans of the wars of the United States and recipients of the Purple Heart medal, awarded by the United States Government and founded by General George Washington on August 7, 1782, at a critical time in our history, drawn together by bonds of respect and mutual suffering, have established the Military Order of the Purple Heart, chartered by the Congress of the United States, in order to perpetuate the principles of patriotic allegiance to the United States of America, fidelity to its Constitution and laws, the security of civil liberty, and the permanence of free institutions. Through this organization and our membership in it, we hope to be able to preserve and perpetuate those ideals of liberty, justice and the general welfare which are the very foundations of our way of life. We further pledge to foster and enhance those principles which, from the begining of our national history, have served as a beacon of hope and salvation to the peoples of all nations. (The Preamble to the Constitution of the Military Order of the Purple Heart)

Reasons for belonging to The Military Order of the Purple Heart...

Local Chapters - All members of The Order are automatically eligible to participate in the activities of local chapters of M.O.P.H.

Fellowship - The Order provides an opportunity for fellowship with other Purple Heart recipients.

The Purple Heart Magazine - There is an official magazine of M.O.P.H.

Patriotism - We are proud to address each of our fellow members as a "Patriot" for who among the people of this country can say that they have given more of themselves than the members of the Military Order of the Purple Heart?

Educational - The Order is proud to promote much needed patriotic education in our nation's schools.

Pride of Membership - There is one important intangible benefit that members enjoy when they belong to the Military Order of the Purple Heart. Your membership helps to keep alive the ideals for which you were awarded the Purple Heart.

National Service Officer Program - The Order participates in the Veterans Administration National Service Officer Program which serves to assist America's veterans.

Annual Convention - Once each year the Military Order of the Purple Heart holds a National Convention for the purpose of renewing goals and ideals.

Your voice in Washington. The Military Order of the Purple Heart represents you in the Nation's Capitol.

Other Benefits - Support of the Veterans Administration Voluntary Service program at Veterans Medical Centers throughout the United States.

Now is the opportunity to become a member.

"They gave their tomorrow's for your today's."

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