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Ascending Goddess
Ascending Goddess
1987 Dun Akhal-Teke Mare
Catastrophe x LDR Dogma

Shimmer's Brood Years

1990-*not for sale*
1991-Ferrera by Frosted Winter Hope
1992-*not for sale*
1993-*not for sale*
1994-*not for sale*
1995-*not for sale*
1996-*not for sale*
1997-Pharein, colt by Melek 1998-*not for sale*
1999-*not for sale*
2000-*not for sale*
2001-Kyss, bay filly by GC SC El Fiero
2002-*not for sale*

Shimmer's Show Record

November 17 2001,, swept Away Endurance Races
*race 3 (75 miles), 12, 7th, 4x4=16 pts.
total show points=16

12-08-01,, ERG Autumn Days Racemeet
*race 3-75 miles, 10, 7th, 4 x4=16
total show points=16 pts.

2-23-02,, golden horseshow endurance race
*race 2-50 miles, 7, 1st, 10x4=40
total show points=40


All the contents on this page are fake and are part of a sim horse game, HFSHC. If these pictures are copyrighted, I apologize, as I had someone else find them for me under the impression that she had permission for me to use them. E-mail me and I will remove them immediately if you wish.