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My Pets
My Pets


This first guy is my baby, Taffy. Taffy is a Blue Masked Lovebird. I've had Taffy about 4 years and I am absolutely in love with this little guy. He's only about 4 inches long, but he was more personality than some people I know! He is a major ham, and is very particular about the people he hangs out with. Apparently, when I got him, he decided that I was going to be his "mate," and that everyone else was going to be considered "competition," which means he dislikes everyone, except me. Over the years, my mom and I have given him many nicknames, like Taffers, Taff, Piglet, Mr. Taffers (my fave), Angel Face, & Silly Boy. One interesting thing about lovebirds is that you can't tell their sex unless they're DNAed, so I'm really not sure if Taffs is a boy or girl, but I just say he's a boy! I love this first picture cause I swear he's smiling at me!


This is my 11 year old Schnauzer, Kibbles. The first picture is of him when he was about 10-15 weeks old, just after we got him. I was six when I got Kibbles, so I've grown up with him. He is the sweetest, yet wildest dog I have known, and I love him to death. We used to have a cat, Tiger, who Kibbles was absolutely mad about. The two grew up together, and were good friends, considering the species difference. But last May Tiger never came home after a late night hunt, and we really miss him. The next two pictures of Kibbs are from a few months ago, and it's amazing to see how much he's lightened in color...but he's still a cutie.

My Car

Okay, this is my last baby. This is my 1999 Chevrolet Camaro. I love this car very much and really enjoy driving it. I've had it since it was new and my dad drove it until I got my license last September. Luckily I haven't been in any wrecks..yet, but I have gotten close. The only thing I don't like about it is that it's so low to the ground and I'm paranoid I'm going to run over something and it'll catch underneath...I know...I'm crazy. The bottom picture just shows the continuation of my love for the Dallas Stars.