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1989 Sorrel Gelding
Created & adopted from HS

A Little Bit About Patrik

Patrik is one of my new favorites, and seems to be enjoying his new home. I now have a large number of geldings, and he finds it quite relaxing. I'm sure Patrik will make an excellent western horse, and I'm looking forward to showing him.

12-15-01,, HFWA opening
(he was entered as Patrick's Luck in this show due to name problems after adoption)
*showmanship, 160, 11th, 1/2+6=6 1/2 pts.
*trail Sr, 32, 10th, 1 pt.
total points=7 1/2 pts.

1/13/02,, Kickin Off The New Year Show
*geldings 4+, 29, 1st, 10 pts.
total show points=10

1-25-02,, mid-winter show
*QH, 35, 12th, 1/2 pt.
*chestnut/sorrel, 4?, 1st, 10 pts.
*trail, 50, 1st, 10+2=12 pts.
*intermediate reining, 19, 4th, 7 pts.
*intermediate cutting, 14, 8th, 3 pts.
total show points=32.5

2-(7-8)-02,, crazy cowboy
*western pleasure Sr. horse stallion/gelding 6+, 39, 1st, 10 pts.
*western trail sr. horse stallion/gelding 6+, 34, 10th, 1 pt.
total show points=11

2-11-02,, February QH show
*geldings, 13, 9th, 2 pts.
*chestnut/sorrel, 34, 8th ,3 pts.
*reining 7+, 61, 5th, 6+2=8 pts.
total show points=13

2-14-02,, Happy Endings, New Beginnings Show
*western showmanship, 34, 1st, 10 pts.
*cutting, 19, 11th, 1/2 pt.
total show points=10 1/2 pts.


All the contents on this page are fake and are part of a sim horse game, HFSHC. If these pictures are copyrighted, I apologize, as I had someone else find them for me under the impression that she had permission for me to use them. E-mail me and I will remove them immediately if you wish.