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Luc Robitaille
Luc Robitaille

Born: Febraury 17, 1966 in Montreal
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 210 lbs
Jersey Number: 20

In his 16 NHL seasons, Luc (Luke) has played for the Los Angeles Kings twice, the Pittsburgh Penguins, the New York Rangers, and now the Detroit Red Wings. In 2002 he won his first Stanley Cup with Detroit. Luc has 620 career goals, which is the most by any left winger ever. Luc is married, but I didn't hear that! :) His wife Stacia is a singer and recently released her first CD (so as you can imagine, she's blonde, the size of a toothpick, and has no natural talent). Luc also has 2 (?, I think that's right) boys. This is the best part...he enjoys golfing (okay, no biggie there) and horseback riding (that's it, screw Brenden, I'm going after Luc! *pauses* Wait, I read somewhere that Brenden used to participate in rodeos back in his old Carlyle days...which means he can probably ride too. choices, choices!)

Luc with some really pretty woman standing really close to him in a loving fashion...must be a stranger!

Luc with some random people

Luc and Stacia...again. Gag!

Luc looking mighty fine outside their bus

Luc after scoring his 600th goal.

Laughing with Dominik Hasek

Luc during the parade...look who else showed up!

finally, some time by himself


Mmmm times two!

Luc at a stanley cup party

Still partying

Luc, Stacia, Pamela Anderson, Kid Rock, and two Detroit radio people

Oh my! Faint! I need a doctor! Wait, let me look just a little more!

Playing guitar

Playing baseball

Luc looking might fine in black...and there's Stacia...again. :(

Aww...look at that cute 'lil smile!

:) No comment...especially on her!

Luc finally won the cup!

Isn't he the sweetest...taking pictures with fans! Luc, where's my picture?!

:) That's all I can say.

That's one interesting stick...

Please ignore the big goon on the right...AKA Chris Chelios.

Can I have a ride?

I really don't approve of this picture very much, but damn, Luc looks really good in it!