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Ok, here's my last group of horses. Just a note, but most of the pages here are extremely outdated. I recently went on an adopting rampage, so all the horses with a * around their name, were adopted.

Showing Geldings

WC Pryceless-1993 Chestnut

WC Call Me Sex E.-1996 Bay

Quarter Horse
*GC Patrik*-1989 Sorrel
*CC Mr. Impressive Zip*-1993 Blue Roan
*NC Dun With Doc*-1994 Dun

*GC Mystical Impression*-1986 Bay
*GC My Jet*-1995 Bay
*GC Bojanglin'*-1995 Gray

*CC Manchester*-1990 Bay

Retired Geldings

*GC Fury*-1987 Black

Quarter Horse
*NC Barry Sweetness*-1988 Palomino

All the contents on this page are fake and are part of a sim horse game, HFSHC. If these pictures are copyrighted, I apologize, as I had someone else find them for me under the impression that she had permission for me to use them. E-mail me and I will remove them immediately if you wish.