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1991 Bay American Horizon Horse (Lippizan x Arabian)
NC El Dorado x GC Strawberry Flats

1994-*not for sale*
1995-*not for sale*
1996-*not for sale*
1997-*not for sale*
1998-*not for sale*
1999-*not for sale*
2000-*not for sale*
2001-*not for sale*
2002-Adamo by CH Helter Skelter

10-17-01,, ToC Qualifier
*Intermedirae I A, 27, 4th, 7 pts.
*intermediare freestyle A, 29, 6th, 5 pts.
total show points=14

11-23-01,, english type show
*english pleasure 9+, 42, 10th, 1 pt.
*hunter under saddle 9+, 34, 4th, 7 pts.
*4th level, 17, 10th, 1 pt.
*fine harness, 16, 4th, 7 pts
*reinsmanship, 14, 4th, 7 pts.
total show points=23

12-10-01,, queen's park combined driving
*training level single dressage, 27, 3rd, 8 pts.
total show points=8 pts.

1-10-02,, winter wonderland dressage
*4th B, 33, 6th, 5 pts.
*3rd freestyle, 30, 9th, 2 pts.
total show points=7 pts.

1-25-02,, dressage in the frost
*third level qualifier B, 29, 2nd, 9 pts.
total show points=9 pts.

2-11-02,, Feb English Show Results
*bay, 27, 11th, 1/2 pt.
total show points=1/2 pt.

2-17-02,, in all demensions: TOC
*3rd level freestyle A, 45, 10th, 1 pt.
*third level qualifier A, 57, 9th, 2+2=4 pts.
*fourth qualifier, 42, 9th, 2 pts.
total show points=7

3-(9-10)-02,, snowy spectacular
*4th level b, 30, 10th, 1 pt.
total show points=1

8-(21-23)-02,, hfda's 2002 three day TOC
*3rd level test 3 qualifier A, 27, 7th, 4 pts
--day three--
*4th level test 3 qualifier b, 23, 3rd, 8 pts
total show points=12

September 28, 2002,, penguin's attack rare breed show
*bay, 32, 8th, 3 pts
*third level, 18, 12th, 1/2 pt
*fourth level, 20, 6th, 5 pts
*third level freestyle, 16, 10th, 1 pt
*4th level freestyle, 14, 9th, 2 pts
*english equitation, 69, 9th, 2+2=4 pts
total show points=15.5

11-(13-15)-02,, november 3-day event
*training dressage, 29, 3rd, 8 pts
total show points=8

11-22-02,, girl's night out
*bay halter, 121, 8th, 3+4=7 pts
total show points=7


All the contents on this page are fake and are part of a sim horse game, HFSHC. If these pictures are copyrighted, I apologize, as I had someone else find them for me under the impression that she had permission for me to use them. E-mail me and I will remove them immediately if you wish.