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2001 Buckskin Akhal-Teke Filly
GC SGC El Fiero x GC Casca

9-21-01,, Foal Madness
*weanling, 11, 7th, 4 pts.
*12 hh and under, 8, 2nd, 9 pts.
*dun/buckskin, 4, 3rd, 8 pts.
*jumper potential, 28, 9th, 2 pts
Total show points=23 pts.

November 17, 2001,, Fall Colors Celebration
*yearling/weanling, 91, 5th, 6+2=8 pts
*jumping potential, 62, 6th, 5+2=7 pts.
Total show points=15

11-23-01,, english type show
*filly halter, 12, 12th, 1/2 pt
total show points=20.5

1-25-02,, mid-winter show
*dressage prospect, 44, 5th, 6 pts.
*hunter prospect, 33, 6th, 5 pts.
total show points=11 pts.

2-11-02,, Feb English Show Results
*fillies, 14, 12th, 1/2 pt.
total show points=1/2 pt

3-27-02,, yearling only show
*filly halter, 29, 9th, 2 pts.
*fine breeds, 29, 8th, 3 pts.
total show points=5 pts.

August 18, 2002, skeetpea, Little Ones Series; Show #1
*yearling other/mixed breed, 29, 9th, 2 pts
*eventing potential, 24, 3rd, 8 pts
*jumping potential, 32, 6th, 5 pts
*cross country potential, 23, 12th, 1/2 pt
total show points=15.5

1-18-03,, wee ones january show
*palomino/cremello/dun/buckskin, 14, 6th, 5 pts
*dressage, 40, 8th, 3 pts
*jumper, 36, 9th, 2 pts
total show points=10

TOTAL POINTS=103.5 pts.

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