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In Loving Memory of  Roy  Anthony Duthu 1944-1965

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Pfc Roy Anthony Duthu

1rst Cavalry Division

United States Army 

Start of Tour of Duty :  December 5, 1965
Killed in Action in South Vietnam : January 29, 1966

The Vietnam Memorial Wall Location : Panel 04E - Row 108

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  • Roy, Though You are no longer with us,
  • You are still alive in our hearts,
  • A day does not pass by, that we don't think of you,
  • And all the years that passed, were empty without you,
  • And all the times we missed, we could have had,
  • no matter how good, no matter how bad,
  • You would have been here.
  • But God and Country had other plans for you,
  • Plans that took you away from us,
  • and any times to be had.
  • Your Memory still lives in our hearts and in our lives,
  • Through everday the sun shall rise, and then shall set,
  • The memories of you shall never beset.
  • Rest in peace my dear departed brother.

    The Duthu Family:
    Ray Sr.
    Ray Jr.
    All your Great nephews and nieces.

    Written by J. Haglund.

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