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C 10 Centurians

Baic Training & Mititary Police Academy {OSUT}
Company C-10th Military Police Battalion
C-10 {Centurians}
Fort McClellan, Alabama
July 1979 to November, 1979

The above pictures is of Company C, 10th BN, Platoon C, also called C10 Centurians, at Fort McClellan, AL.

I had to include the C10 Centurians in this Site because it would not have been fair to the men and women I trained with. I still keep in touch with at least one through the internet, and I give him a very special thanks to Dennis Hutchinson whom I trained with at Fort McClellan, and though we were in separate Units at Fort Ord and Fort Hunter Liggett, we share a lot in common.

a few of the guys -- Pvt. Ron Crowder (Tree) and Pvt John Haglund

Company Area MP Academy

Though I can't Remember all the names, I still remember the faces and times. These men and women gave their all, When they felt like quitting, they pushed on, They forgot the meaning of "I CAN'T and "QUIT" and learned the meaning of I CAN AND WILL OVERCOME! Though we all went our separate ways after Basic and AIT, We will always have the Centurians In our hearts, It will always be with us...The Pride, The Accomplishments, The Failures, and the Successes, These men and womem have ENDURED and OVERCAME the Failures and Became Soldiers.

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