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Giving the Honor They So Richly Deserve


5th BN 2nd Artillery In Vietnam

In Memory of Jerry Isham


Sgt Jerry Isham's tank crew.  Jerry was tank commander of the M40 Tank
shown in the background.  This picture was taken during some downtime in Vietnam.



Mechanics overhall or fix an engine to the M40 Tank


Sgt Jerry Isham (right) and unident. Soldier                                               Let's Rock and Roll . . . . . . . . .


World's apart, but always in our hearts

In the compound rest and relaxation and refit

     Sgt Jerry Isham on his M40 Tank in Vietnam

      Flying the "Friendly Skies"                                                                                      After a hard day in the field

Duece on the move

One of Jerry's Crew waiting to roll

              Writing Home during some downtime                                                                  Jerry at home

On the Road again, convoy passing MP Checkpoint


    M40 Tank heading out                                                                        Jerry (left) with his Brother


In Memory of Jerry Isham who Proudly Served his Country Passed away Febuary 7, 2003

Sgt Jerry Isham Served in the U.S. Army 5th BN 2nd Artillery from 1966 to 1968. During his tour of Vietnam he was wounded in action which got him awarded the Purple Heart. Sgt Isham was a Tank Commander of the M40 Tank. He now works with the Army Corps. of Engineers in Morgan City, LA.

Please pay Final Respects

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We are going to miss you Jerry

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Site Designed by John Haglund

I have been knowing Jerry for at least 30 years or so. He watched me grow up. He was my neighbor and also he was my friend. He was, like the good person he was always there when I needed help, or anybody as far as that goes. He served in the U.S. Army during the Vietnam Conflict where he was a tank commander. This site is the very least I could do to help keep his memory alive, and to recognize and honor the Service he did for our country during the Vietnam Conflict.
Thank you Sgt. Jerry Isham....Welcome Home

Sgt Isham, you were called to serve your Country in Vietnam,
You did not question or ask why...
You went and did your duty without hesitation...
You served with honor and never did once quiver,
at the sights most would have shivered.
Sgt Isham, You knew the meaning of God, Duty, Honor and Country..
You did not run from it, You tackled it head on.
You are missed, and though you are not here with us today,
Your sacrifices you did and all that you have done,
are not forgotten.
From the heart of a brother-in-arms, Thank you and Welcome Home!!!

Dedicated to Sgt. Jerry Isham
5th BN 2nd Artillery
Served during Vietnam Conflict 1966 - 1968
Went Home 2003

We Miss You Jerry