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Mustang II, Boredom Zero.

I'm Matt (aka "74stang2togo" and "ElSuperPinto"). This is my Mustang II Page. There are a few little things here I'd like to share with the Mustang II community. The Original Wallpapers are still here (one of Cobra II's, the other of heavily modified Mustang II's of all sorts, special thanks goes out to the Mustang II guys at Stangnet who made them possible with their contributions and cars, you guys rock!) For anyone who wants to know, I still have the '76 Ghia, but progress on it stopped a couple of years ago as I bought a '75 Ghia that is already a 12-second car and race-ready, and I'm no longer sure what I'm going to do with the old '76. I am no longer associated with after nearly nine years as a moderator there, another chapter in life closed and I've moved on. (That's all I'm going to say about that.) I primarily post on and now, and I'm rebuilding the '75 Mustang II to my standards (electrical and cosmetic stuff mainly) to hopefully get some runs in with next year.

Links and Wallpapers!

The FIRST Desktop, (Cobra II's!)
RESPECT! Click here to see the new Mustang II diecast cars from Fresh Cherries!
The 2nd Desktop is here! (Wild Horses!)
Click this link to go to the Mustang II Network website.
Click this link to go to (Special Thanks to my Amigos from the Stangnet Mustang II forums for helping make my desktop wallpapers possible a few years ago!)