Best Friends Forever

We wanna holla to all of our friends that check out the site and eveyone else who does too! Thanx again and come back!-From Us / Updating a lot.-Sarah

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  • "Best Friends walk through life together, side by side, facing forward. Though they may each be on a seperate path, ther are always traveling in the same general direction."

    "Best Friends share clothing,food,hopes and fears,secrets,dreams,worries and care,ideas,gossip,advice tried and true,laughter,tears and recipes,too!"

    "A good friend is someone who knows what's on your mind, even when you haven't said a word."

    "Having a friend who believes in you is like owning a second pair of wings. Thier faith adds to your own, creating a jet stream of support that carries you farther toward the achievement of your dreams."

    "You don't pick your friends so much as they find you. You don't create friendship so much as it unfolds naturally."

    "Friends don't lie friends give up. They cheer you on even when you're failing. They sing your praises even if you're feeling low. Friends don't let friends give up hope."

    "A true friend has a knack for knowing when you need to have a good laugh and when you need to have a good cry."

    "Friends know that sometimes the best way to be there for each other is to communicate with silence."

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