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Well Wrestling Fans, another Texas Wrestler has suddenly died. He was known as "Rattler McNasty, Cowboy Jeff Raitz". Jeff gained his Fame during the early 80's & continued through the 90's. He was a REAL Cowboy while working during the WCCW & USWA days at the World Famous "Sportatorium" of Dallas, TX. He also worked for the SSOW Wrestling Federation & XPWA Promotion. Some of his BEST matches in the late 90's were against Wrestler LA STEELE. They enjoyed a "hard" wrestling match. He was Fun & Innovative with his ideas. He was a Proud Professional Wrestler & will be sadley missed by his Beloved Family members & Friends who liked to BBQ & fish with him & his Family in his Pond. There were many good times & he will be sadly missed by his Friends that knew him personally. His Passion for Wrestling, a gift that he was very good at, was not his only passion in life. Jeff loved his farm animals & his Son Casey Raitz helped with the feeding of his Goats, Horses, Ducks, Chickens, they were extremly close. Jeff Raitz leaves behind his Wife, Kim Raitz & also his beautiful little Daughter, Holly Raitz. She loved to watch her Daddy Wrestle. He also leaves behind his immeadiate Family members, loving Parents, Aunts & Uncles, Great GrandParents. Jeff was born in Tiffin, Ohio & Graduated from Columbian High School in 1981. Although, Jeff was a Wrestler, he was also a very hard working Man, a Master Electrictian for many years, his Family came first. He attended Church regularly at Meadowcreek Church with his Wife Kim & Son Casey & Daughter Holly. Funeral Services will be held today, Wednesday February 13, 2002 at Family Funeral Care Chapel in Mesquite, TX. Jeff will be Buried following his services in Canton, Texas. Sources Say, that Jeff died from a heart attack on February 9, 2002. Jeff will be Remembered as a Very Spirted Wrestler, a Kind & Loving Father & a very Loving Husband to Kim Raitz. Jeff Raitz, Dead at Age 39. We who knew him, will miss him. Please Pray for his Family, for it was far before his time. In the Wrestling Spirt in the sky, we know he will continue to do what he loved most in his life, Wrestle. We will miss you, Jef Raitz.