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Whitecottage Research  ABN: 34 796 478 524  PO Box 13, Glenorchy, TAS, 7010, Australia

About US
 Whitecottage Research is a registered Australian Business Name with the ABN of 34 796 478 524. The owners of the business are Tony and Roseanne Wilson.

We operate this business from our home residence.

A bit about us:

Tony Wilson

Born in New Norfolk, Tasmania and educated at New Norfolk High School 1967-1970. Member of Tasmania Police 1975-1981.
Moved to Queensland 1988 until 2001
Moved to California, USA 2001 until 2003
Moved back to Tasmania 2003 till now.

Began researching his family on a part-time basis in 1977 but it was not until 1994 when he joined the Caboolture Family History Research Group that he
began to research on a regular basis.
Was Secretary of the Caboolture Family History Research Group 1999.

At the suggestion of a member he researched and wrote a training program for beginners who had no idea how to go about their research.  This program was a series of ten two hour training sessions covering all aspects of researching your family history in Australia.
The program was called "The Beginner's Program"

He provided lectures and seminars at the Caboolture Library, the Deception Bay library and the Bribie Island library on such topics as Researching your family history, researching on the Internet, recording your family research and much more.

In 2001 he travelled to the USA and lived in California where he married his now wife Roseanne in Porterville, CA.  They owned and operated a Used Book store.

While there he gave lectures to several local community groups and the local research group he joined called "The Tule Tracers".  This was a very small group of only 16 members.

He returned to Australia with his wife in 2003 due to family health reasons and settled back in Hobart.  Both joined the Tasmanian Family History Society.

In the coming years Tony and Roseanne produced a number of family history
allied works, such as:

Reflections of My Life: a personal history journal to record information for future generations.
Mothers Reflections: a Mothers personal journal to record her personal information and to leave advice for her children and grandchildren.
Diggers Memories: For returned servicemen and women to record their
service in Australia's armed services during times of conflict.
Rainbow Reflections: a personal journal for the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered community to record their family history and their
struggle against discrimination and bigotry.
Teen Reflections: a teen journal to help teens realise they are a part of a huge family with thousands of ancestors and to give them help and advice on how to survive in todays society.

Roseanne Wilson

Roseanne was born in Washington State, USA and was educated there
and also in New York State where she was raised.
At an early age she travelled across the USA with her mother several times.

Her mother was born in Washington State, USA and her father was a Canadian born citizen from Ontario.
Her maiden name was Mosier.

She married a former US Army veteran of the Korean War by the name of Dimas who was Mexican-American born in Brownsville, Texas.

The had one child born in Reno, Nevada.
Her first husband died in 1998 of an aneurysm.
Roseanne began a used book store in Porterville, CA in 1997 which grew
from just a thousand books into a store containing 120,000 books.

She met Tony on the Internet in a Yahoo group for genealogy researchers and their friendship turned to more over a period of a few years until Roseanne came out to Queensland in May-June of 2001 to visit.

They had already fell in love before meeting but after that meeting they were destined to be together.
Roseanne returned to CA in June 2001 and Tony knew he had to be with her so he moved to CA in August 2001.

On September 11, 2001 the Twin Towers in New York City we hit by planes at the direction of terrorists and the world was we all knew it changed.

People in Porterville we asking Tony if he was going to moved back home to Australia where he would be safe.  His reply was NO.  His life was there and his love, her family and their friends were there.

The couple married on September 21, 2001 in a simple ceremony in the Judges chambers at the local courthouse in front of two friends as witnesses.

They left the bookstore in control of an employee to do this and then straight back to the store until closing time at 6.00pm when they went grocery shopping on their honeymoon.  A tradition that they have kept up since then.

When Tony's mother became ill in 2003 the couple knew they needed to be closer to his parents so they moved to Australia in 2003.

Things were a struggle and tough at times during the initial stages but Roseanne was granted a temporary visa then a permanent residents visa to remain in Australia.

Unfortunately Roseanne's mother Darlene Gilmore (nee Thomas) passed away in June 2005 in Oroville, California and Roseanne was unable to get to see her before her death.

In February of 2005 Tony joined Qantas Airways as a Domestic Sales Consultant and Roseanne worked on their publications in the "Reflections" series as well as other projects about her first love - books.

Tony's health began to suffer the affects of shift work and pressure situations at work when he had to go onto sickness benefits in June 2006.

As part of rehabilitation Whitecottage Research was resurrected as Tony had not done any researching since joining Qantas and missed the research and the people he met over the years he was involved in it.

So we have come to telling you about us and how we got to where we are now.

We live in the northern suburbs of Hobart with our two four legged children, Dip and Mollie, African Sand-dogs (the only one of their breed in Tasmania, possibly Australia) who came out from the USA at great cost and many months of separation.  We love our girls - they are very dear to us and travel with us everywhere we go locally.

  our 1st anniversary  Roseanne holding Dip  our little mollie  Tony

Check out the Services link in the menu box to the left to see what we offer.

"No job is too small or too great for us to handle and complete"

We guarantee our work.

Come on in and let us show you who we are and what we offer you.



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