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Walter P Webb Historical Society
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April 3-6 (Mon-Thu)
We need baked goods and members to work the sale.
EACH member should find a time slot for one (or more) of those 4 days to help us sell these items.
This sale is our biggest money maker.

April 27-28 (Fri/Sat)
The Sam Houston Folk Festival
We need ALL members to work a time slot (security, children's tents, ticket sales) for at least one day.
We a doing a reenactment of the Empresario Land Grant on Saturday - need at least 6 men to do this - OK guys?
Ladies can be in costume for living history and walk the grounds selling our lollipops and directing visitors at the festival.
Everyone in the society MUST volunteer for at least 2 hours on Friday or Saturday of the Folkfest.
This is a project that we are very close to and we need all the helpers we can get.
Even sororities and fraternities volunteer for this one.

Renassiance Era Forum:
Thursday Oct 25 at reg meeting time & place.

Book and Bake Sale
Set tentatively on Oct 23 - 25 from 8am - 2pm in Smith-Hudson Bldg.

Due by : April 17
You can e-mail them to John Coussons at
The membership committee is John Coussons, Johnathan Clark, and Susan Locklear.

April 24th Meeting
Officer VOTING
We need all current members at this meeting to vote.
If you have no way of attending this meeting, please e-mail Susan for further instructions. Book & Bake Sale

April 3-6 (Mon-Thur) 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM each day
Lee Drain Building - 2nd floor Commons area

Members brought homemade goodies (cookies, brownies, Rice Krispie treats, pastries, muffins, cupcakes, etc.)

The Texas State Historical Association conference in Houston

Saturday, Dec 9 at 6 pm: "Posada"
* A religious renactment and party of the journey Mary and Joseph took the night Christ was born
* Located at the Walker Educational Center near Pritchett Feild

December 8: Christmas/End of Semester Party at Dr. Crimm's 6:00 PM (Friday)
* We will order BBQ from Mount Zion's and everyone can contribute $ to pay for it
* You can bring Cokes and sweets
* Also, we are doing a Gag Gift exchange - pick up something at the Dollar Store (really, don't spend more than a dollar or two) and then we'll draw numbers for what order we will choose the wrapped presents. Should be lots of fun!

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