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The Webb History Society is dedicated to stimulating interest in the history of Hunstville, Walker County, and Texas through field trips, guest speakers, community service, and TSHA meetings.

Our Aims and Goals:

* To Experience History for fun
* To assist the Walker County Historical Commision in Identifying and perserving the historical landmarks of Texas
* To help with the Sam HOuston Folk Festival and to add to the exhibits of the Sam Houston Museum
* To assist in the collection of books and historical documents for the Newton Grisham Library
* To interview individuals and capture the history of the local area
* To participate in commuinty service through food and clothing drives
* Host EXCET EXAM Reviews

Our Planned activities:

*Please see News and Events for more information.


Meeting Location/Etc Infomation: Meeting Info
Minutes of meetings will be available to members unable to attend.

$10.00 per Semester or $15.00 per Year with a FREE T-Shirt
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Join us For a Journey
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