Meet the crew

Well, this is probably the section you least care about, but it is here to show you who runs this page.

Frank-The original college student and Joel's older brother. He keeps the site updated with reviews. He also posts the FAQS as well. He is the sports expert of the site. His favorite games are Anything with Final Fantasy plastered on, Madden 01 and NHL 01 on the PS2, Capcom V SNK for the DC and Tactics Ogre. Currently wasting time on Halo 3 online, Splinter Cell, and the odd game of Madden 08.

Joel-College alumnus and franks younger brother. An expert on RPG, shooter, fighting, and puzzle games, he will not hesitate to be brutally honest on reviewing a game. A scientist by trade, who enjoys good food with his good games. Currently wasting time on Halo 3 as well, along with the Suikoden Series. GO PITT!!

Tron(T-slim)-Hailing from Grambling University, now a part of Walmart Corporate, Tron is down with reviewing the Nintendo 64 and handheld systems. A jack of all trades, he does reviews on many generes, more specifically on sports, wrestling, and some RPG's.

Well, that's all you need to know about us. Now go and read some stuff now!