Welcome guys to my no frills XBOX Madden League!

Hey whats up. this is a basic xbox Madden league. Nothing special. I don't know crap about sigs. If it is just html cut and paste then ill post them, if they use a lot of space then sorry guys. I only got 20 mb's of space and i need a lot of it. The point of this league is to have fun playing Madden with people you can trust. There are no prizes awarded for the winner of the whole league (but that can change, maybe ill send some porn or something if ya want LOL) Anyway the number of weeks we will have, and the number of teams making the playoffs, will depend on the number of contestants that decide to join in.

Now the rules are simple. there will be ranked games (if your too worried about your ranking then you are probably not legit enough to play in this league) with fair play on. No blocking of kicks. if a connection is lost then the other person decides to end and don't count game (which means a rematch) or continue against the cpu for the win. That is basically it.Everything else should be okay, unless i left some blaring loophole out you want fixed. Oh yeah there will be a one week deadline to get the games played. If you don't get it done then you both will have to make up the game. after 3 makeups you will get booted.

Now I will post stats up if i recieve them. this is dependent on YOU. if you send them i will gladly post them. just have your stats emailed to you and send me a copy. Ill post the following categories:

Offense Passing yards, touchdown passes, ints, rushing yards, rushing td's , rushing average,


Passing yards allowed, rushing yards allowed, sacks, interceptions,pts allowed

MISC Red Zone attepts, field goals, touchdowns, opponent redzone attepmts, opponent redzone fieldgoals, opponent redzone touchdowns, and percentages for both sides of the ball.

Yeah yeah im missing some stats, but I covered most of the major stats. If ya want something else lemme know. Ill also be doing my picks of the week, and commentary previews for the games each week, starting in week 2. Now I will spruce up the site quite a bit so don't worry. this is just to see if anyone is interested. A lot of the bells and whistles will have to depend on yall. We can make this a very good league and site. I'll post stat leaders and even reactions to the games in the weekly preview. that way you can do your trash talking and back it up. also will post post game comments as well, but again, if you as participants do not send anything i can't do it. Anyway once i get a a pcture of how many want in, ill start it up. ill even have a message boards where we can post. anyway lemme know what ya think guys. I NEED FEEDBACK!!!! Thanks again.

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Email: hithard45@hotmail.com