An explanation of the bad grammar on my site!

Faq Section

Well as you may have noticed, I tend to mispell words, and use bad grammar every now and then. The reason is because half of the time that i update the site it is already the middle of the night. Now why do I wait until night to update? Well I have crappy dial up service. Now since I don't live alone ,and the fact that we have only one phone line, really puts a hamper on my internet access time. Usually not until 10 pm, am I able to get on the internet. Also I am usually downloading "legal" MP3's, which will take forever if I actually surf the internet while downloading. Usually I download 2 or 3 songs a night. And while they are downloading I am watching Seinfeld or King of the Hill. Anyway by the time I am ready to update the site, it's damn near midnight. By then I am usually sleepy as it is. However I still update. Throw in the fact that this HTML editor does not have spell checker and you have writing on a 3rd grade level. Just kidding really. But still, when I wake up the next day to look at my update it's like "Damn! What the hell was I writing. Shit don't even make sense!" Ebay shoppers know what I mean. You stay up late bidding on crap you think is a deal, and then wake up the next day just to say " What the hell do I need all of this shit for! Why the heck did I bid on a 486 computer for $20?" Same thing applies here. Of course I could "update" my update. But I am usually too lazy. Just look how long it took me to get rid of all of the blinding backgrounds. It's not like I make any money off this site. If I did that would be a different story. Anyway if have ever been reading something on this site , and have said to yourself "Geez this guy is pretty stupid.", well now you know why. But then again maybe you didn't give a damn in the first place.