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The Thomas Fisher Family of NC

Site constructed by Ray Viverette. See address at bottom of this page.

Thomas Fisher (1811-1867)

Thomas Fisher of Nash and Franklin Counties was married twice and fathered 15 children. This web site is devoted to him and his descendants. The primary mission of this site is to make genealogical information availiable to those who are interested in researching this family. Most of these resources will be available at this and other sites through links.

Thomas Fisher's Origins

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Fisher Story

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Fisher Photo Album

Rosa Peterson, Sallie Viverette, and Betsy Taylor--Only surviving children of George and Bessie Fisher

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The Children of Thomas Fisher

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Thomas Fisher first married Caroline Gay on December 23, 1835. They had eight children.

1. Willis Christopher Fisher
2. James Thomas Fisher(1838-1850)
3. William Henry Fisher
4. John Mabrey Fisher
5. Mary Frances Fisher
6. Sarah Salley Fisher
7. Charles Thomas Fisher
8. Ann Carolyn Fisher

After the death of Carolyn, Thomas Fisher married Sarah Ann Elizabeth Edwards on November 2, 1853. There were six children from this union.

1. Arthur Fisher
2. Martha Jane Fisher
3. Joseph Washington Fisher
4. James Albert Fisher
5. Robert Fisher
6. Anna Mildred Ruffin Fisher

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