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WWF King of the Ring 2000 Review
June 25, 2000 Boston, Massachusetts

*A nice video package to open the show

*KOTR Quarterfinal: Rikishi vs. Chris Benoit
Rikishi won the IC Title from Benoit on Smackdown!, so Benoit is looking for revenge. Samoan drop by Rikishi. Benoit hits a German suplex for a near fall. A modified crippler crossface is put on Rikishi and some knife edge chops. Benoit applies the Cripler Crossface, but Rikishi gets the ropes. Benoit gets a chair and nails Rikishi with it for a dq loss @3:24 *. Benoit wont let go of the crossface and then he does a diving headbutt from the top rope. Who booked this crap?

*Backstage the Regime is talking, Vince says he'll be Joe Cool tonight when he talks with Linda.

*Chris Benoit is interviewed, he says he's the best technical wrestler and no one can stop him.

*KOTR Quarterfinal: Val Venis vs. Eddie Gurrero
Drop kick to the face of Val Venis. Flying elbow by Gurrero. A hurricarranna sends Val Venis to the outside. Superplex by Eddie for a near fall. Surfboard into a drago sleeper submission by Eddie Gurrero, whens the last time we have seen that! Backslide by Gurrero for a two count. Elbow drop by Venis for two and a backbreaker. Another hurricarranna by Eddie Gurrero and a belly-back suplex. Eddie misses a senton from the top and Val hits a spinebuster. The money shot is countered with knees by Gurrero. An inside cradle by Eddie for two. Russian leg sweep by Val Venis for a near fall. A top rope hurricarranna allows Eddie to get 2 7/8. Chyna attacks Trish Status, which inturn makes Val attack Chyna. Schoolboy by Eddie for a two count. Val Venis pins Eddie Gurrero with the Fisherman's suplex @8:04 **1/2. Good Match

*Pat Patterson is looking at dresses backstage. Help Us

*Rikishi is interviewed, he says he's going all the way.

*KOTR Quarterfinal: Bull Buchanan vs. Crash Holly
Gorilla press slam by Bull and a clothesline. Two backbreaker in succesion by Buchanan. Vertical suplex by Bull for a two count. Inside cradle by Crash for a two count. Bull misses the scissors kick and Crash pins him with a halfnelson rollup @4:08 *1/4 Bull just isn't that good, bar none.

*Backstage Linda & Vince are talking. Linda says the Regime can't interfer in the title match.

*KOTR Quarterfinal: Kurt Angle vs. Chris Jerico
Whoever wins this match will be king of the ring, I guarantee. Belly-to-belly suplex by angle. Missle dropkick by y2j for a two count. Bulldog by Jericho and a lionsault for a near fall. Springboard dropkick sends Angle outside. Back in the ring Angle hits a floatover suplex for a two count. Double underhook backbreaker by Chris Jerico. Release German suplex by Angle for a near fall. Bridged German suplex gets Angle another near fall. Hurricarranna by Jerico from the top. Spinning heel kick by Y2J and a cover for two. The Olympic slam is reversed and the Walls of Jericho is put on Angle. Stephanie McMahon Helmsley come s down and theres a referee bump. Stephanie accidently hits Angle with the Women's title. Chris Jerico kisses Stepanie, which makes him all the things he called her if he kissed her, don't you think so? Anyway an Olympic slam by Kurt Angle @9:48 lets him advance. *** Really Good Match, they both can work great.

*Shane tells Vince he didn't keep his cool.

*WWF NY shown with Foley & Ivory

*4-Corners Elimination Match for WWF Tag Team Championship:
Too Cool vs. Edge & Christian vs. T & A vs. Hardy Boyz
Jeff Hardy & Albert start. Jeff reverses a gorilla press slam, but can't reverse the back body drop. A dropkick to the face of Albert. A tag to Matt Hardy. Jeff hits a senton, while Matt hits an elbow on Albert. Tag to Test, as Lita attacks Trish. Twist of faith by Matt on Test for a near fall. Test hits the pumphandle slam but Jeff comes in and hits a swanton bomb onto Test. Matt pins Test @3:42. Jeff Hardy and Scotty 2 Hotty are in. Then a tag to Christian & Matt Hardy. Flying leg clothesline by Jeff in the corner as the Hardy Boyz hits a suplex on Christian. Toprope leg drop by Matt for a two count. Jeff & Edge are tagged in. Edge gets a two count on Jeff. Lita hits a flying hurricarranna on Edge, which allows Jeff Hardy to get a two count on Edge. A tag to Christian and Matt Hardy. Falling neckbreaker by Matt Hardy for a near fall. The impaler attempt is reversed by Matt Hardy and he hits the twist of faith for a near fall. Christian then hits the impaler @7:56 to pin Matt. Edge is in, as well as Grand Master sexay for the first time. Neckbreaker by Sexay and Too Cool hits elbows onto Edge. A tag to Scotty 2 Hotty. Spinning heel kick by Edge and a tag to Christian. Russian leg sweep by Christian gets him a near fall. Double headbutt by the former tag team champions on Scotty. Edge and Brain Christopher tag in. Grand Master Sexay, or Brain Christopher whatever sounds better, cleans house. School boy by Sexay for a two count. Powerbomb by Sexay for a near fall. A flapjack by Edge and Christian on Christopher, which is ironicly the WCW Tag Team Champions finishing move. This move obviously doesn't win them this match! Double bulldog by Scotty 2 Hotty and then the most over move in the wwf, the worm on Edge. Christian gets the tag belt but misses hitting Grand Master Sexay. Hip hop drop by Christopher on Edge, but Christian hits Sexay with the belt and Edge pins him @14:10 **3/4. It was an awesome match with a lame duck ending. They kept T & A & Too Cool to the minimum and let Edge & Christian & Hardy Boyz do their best. Edge and Christian really need a finsihing move though.

*WWF Fully Loaded PPV promo, Hey I'll be there baby with front row seats!

*Interivew with Crash Holly, who says Kurt Angle is in big trouble. Yeah right Elroy.

*KOTR Semifinal Match: Rikishi vs. Val Venis
Superkick by Rikishi, as they go outside. Splash in the corner by the Samoan, but Val hits a single arm ddt. Rikishi starts selling his shoulder injury big time. DDT by Val Venis, but Rikishi fights back and pins Val Venis with a belly-to-belly suplex @3:15 3/4*. Pretty bad match, woudl have much rather had Val Venis win. I guess you can't have a all heel final. After the match Val Venis works on Rikishi's arm to help sell the shoulder a little bit more.

*Interview with Grald Brisco, he says he want revenge.

*WWF.COM relaunch commercial

*KOTR Semifinal: Kurt Angle vs. Crash Holly
Inside cradle by Angle for a near fall. Powerslam by Crash for a near fall. Double underhook overhead suplex by Kurt Angle. Vertical suplex by Angle for a near fall. Backbody drop by Crash Holly. Missle dropkick by Crash. A stungun on the ropes and an olympic slam seal Cras's fate @3:57 *1/2. Pretty good, but would have been better given more time.

*MSG House Show from last night shown, with Donald Trump.

*Interview with Kane who says he'll become wwf champ tonight.

*Interview with 'Taker, who says he'll win the title.

*Highlights leading to the drag match are shown.

*Hardcore Evening Gown Match for Hardcore Championship:
Pat Patterson vs. Gerald Brisco
Pat Patterson tries to not get Brisco to fight and just pin him. After two minutes of pure crap, Crash Holly comes in and hits Patterson with a trash can and pin him @2:47 for the title. DUD Thank God.

*Dudley Boyz are backstage with a table with Tori's name on it.

*Highlights of the DX/Dudley Boys feud is shown.

*Handicap Tables and Dumpsters Match:
Road Dogg, X-Pac, & Tori vs. Dudley Boyz
They have been feuding since May and this looks to be their blow off match to end the feud. The rules are DX has to lock the Dudleys in the dunpster or Dudley Boyz have to send all of DX through tables. I guess this starts as a tag match, but hey theres no dqs so why? Road Dogg & Buh-Buh start. Flying clothesline by Buh-Buh. Tag to D-Von and a reverse elbow. A tag to X-Pac and then Tori. Kick to the ribs of Buh-Buh by the green godess. A tag to Road Dogg and then X-Pac again. D-Von hits a doule clothesline on DX and tags Buh-Buh Ray Dudley. Full nelspn slam by Buh-Buh and a flying headbutt to the groin of both Road Dogg & X-Pac. D-Von then hits a headbutt to Tori and keeps his head there for a minute, sick Dudley. Its now certainly not a tag team match anymore. Dudleys are put in the cumpster, but the ref doesn't see it cause he's helping Tori's injured shoulder. Tori got injured at the MSG house show last night I heard. Stero chairshots on Road Dogg & X-Pac. 2 tables are stacked up outside and Road Dogg is powerbombed through them by Buh-Buh Ray, 1 down and 2 to go. Suplex by X-Pac and a spinning heel kick. In one of the dumbest moves, that shows the bad psychology of the match, X-Pac sets up a table, why? X-Pac is superplexed through it by D-Von, to leave Tori. Tori tries to hide and goes into the dumpster. Those dam Dudleys go into the dumpster and are locked in at 9:45 ** for the DX victory. Another terrible ending to a match. After the match the Dudley Boys 3D Road Dogg & X-Pac and powerbomb Tori through a table.

*Interview with Kurt Angle, who says he has to win the KOTR.

*Interview with Rikishi, who has his shoulder taped up.

*King of the Ring video shown with all the past winners.

*KOTR Final: Kurt Angle vs. Rikishi
Bodyslam by Rikishi and a clothesline by Kurt. Samoan drop by Rikishi and an inverted neckbreaker by Rikishi. Stinkface by Rikshi, the 2nd most over move in the wwf. Olympic slam by Kurt Angle but Rikishi kicks out. Rikishi drops onto Angle's face for a two count. An incredible belly-to-belly suplex from the top by Angle lets him become King of the Ring @5:57 *3/4. Not the best match I've seen, but it was alright.

*Triple H and McMahons are getting ready. HHH is mad at Vince for this.

*Kane, The Undertaker, & The Rock are coming to the ring.

*Six-Man Tag Team Match for WWF Championship:
Triple H, Shane & Vince McMahon vs. The Rock, Kane, & The Undertaker

Kurt Angle is watching backstage. If McMahons & HHH win Angle gets title shot, if the faces win they win the title. I have no idea whose going to win this match, as I usually have an idea who's going to win. Shane & Kane start, it rhymes. HHH has new tights if you care ladies. Shane shows some good rope maneuvers before being clotheslined. Gorilla press slam by Kane and a chokeslam attempt is broken up. Doubleclothesline on the McMahons on Kane. A tag to The Rock as Shaen is thrown to the outside. The Undertaker chokeslams Shane McMahon, but The Rokc breaks up the pinfall. HHH then comes in without a tag. This must be a Lucha libre 6-man tag, where you don't have to tag. The Undertaker hits a back body drop on the wwf champ and a boot to the face for two. Big DDT by the Undertaker for a near fall. Rock & Shane McMahon tag back in. A big brawl on the outside is your main event ladies and gentleman. HHH & The Rock are left in the ring and The Rock hits a swinging neckbreaker. HHH hits the pedigree, but the pinfall is broken up. Its now back to a regualr tag team match. A tag to Shane and a reverse elbow. Clothesline by Shane on The Rock and a tag to Vince and then HHH. Vertical suplex and a knee drop gets HHH a near fall. HHH misses an ax handle smash, but does conect on a neckbreaker for a two count. A tag to Vince and lowblow on The Rock for a two count. Tag to HHH and Samoan drop by Rock for a two count. HHH & The Rock are the only ones left in the ring again. Knee to the face by Triple H. Kane is attacking The Undertaker on the outside. Spinebuster by The Rock on HHH, but Kane chokeslams The Rock. Tombstone piledriver on HHH by Kane, but The Undertaker breaks it up. The Undertaker chokeslams Shane McMahon from the top turnbuckle through the announcer's table, what a bump! Vince goes for the people's elbow on The Rock, but instead the Rock hits the rockbottom and pins him to become the new WWF Champion @17:53 **3/4. Normal main event nothing special here, excpet the shane bump. The main event scene is getting old. After the match HHH is pissed off.

*Overall this ppv did not have enough quality wrestling with only 3 good matches on the 12 match card. With only 1 Hour, 23 minutes, & 8 seconds of wrestling, the wwf didn't put out for this ppv. The main event wasn't very good, but it didn't suck, and many of the kotr matches were sqaushes. I'll have to give this show a thumbs down. The good matches: Angle/Jericho, Gurrero/Venis, & Tag Team Titles all had problems with them, especially the endings. Maybe the WWF will figure out what wrong soon.


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