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Deres me

Dis iz 4 all yall bitch ass haterz out dere.U know who u da time u get dun viewin dis site u will no wut a hater iz.Or just listen 2 da song.If u dunno wut a hater iz a hater iz a person who talx shit bout ppl or disses ppl.YA HEARD

dis usually happenz when ppl hate

No Haterz Allowed

Dont hate on da white boy he just tryin 2 do his thang ya heard

Hoz u gotta pay ur pimpz Dont playa hate u gotta participate

Can u hang wit dem

Dere go dem trill niggaz

U dont need 2 hate ur self And u dont need 2 b doin shit like dis it will take ur life well im out

HaTaZ hAtAz HaTaZ hAtAz HaTaZ hAtAz All hataz deserve 2 b pissed on.

Fuck all u haterz

MY ass iz 2 lazy 2 make a guestbook so just email me at or and tell me wut u think
keep comin back 4 more info on da site or im me at takethebootie or SHAKEDEMHATRZOFF