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USA Scorpions Photo Album

This page is a test. Here are photos of some of the species featured in the Checklists. Photos are supplied courtesy Dave Gaban and Jan Ove Rein.

Centruroides vittatus

Family Buthidae. Female Centruroides vittatus (Say). Photo Copyright R.D. Gaban.

Vaejovis carolinianus

Family Vaejovidae. Female Vaejovis carolinianus (Beauvois). Photo Copyright R.D. Gaban.

Vaejovis intermedius

Family Vaejovidae. Female Vaejovis intermedius Borelli. Photo Copyright J.O. Rein.

Retardus fartus

Family Retardidae. Male Retardus flatulatus (Beavis & Butt-Head). Photo Copyright B.E. Hendrixson.