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Checklist of the Scorpions of the United States and Canada

The following is a basic list of the scorpions known to occur in the United States and Canada. Underscored species have links to photographs on other sites. This list is far from complete for several reasons: 1) I am not finished!; 2) there are several undescribed species being investigated and described; 3) locality data is basic due to several manuscripts of surveys that are as yet unpublished -- that kind of information is basically the "property" of the authors working on them.

Family Buthidae

Centruroides exilicauda
Centruroides gracilis
Centruroides guanensis
Centruroides hentzi
Centruroides vittatus

Family Diplocentridae

Diplocentrus whitei
Diplocentrus sp. from W Texas

Family Iuridae

Anuroctonus phaiodactylus
Hadrurus arizonensis
Hadrurus obscurus
Hadrurus spadix