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Things I Have Been Known To Like :

the Archives, Vault 2

04.18.01 :

so, here's my favorite. this is the artist i gushed on about in the last entry, self-portrait. and here is the art teacher whom we were both blessed to get to spend time learning from in high school, the one and great Floyd Tunson. (as painted by Jason Chase. and Jason, if you're out there looking at this page somewhere by the grace of god, e-mail me so i can tell you how fucking cool you are to your face. now that i'm hundreds of miles away.)

04.06.01 :

there was a boy i was terribly infatuated with throughout high school, one Mr. Jason Chase. (i still constantly think about him, as some people are prone to do obsessively over unfulfilled crushes - it kind of drives me up the wall, but it's kind of addictive too) i spent a lot of time in art class in high school.(we had the same art teacher, Floyd Tunson, who will be the subject of the next entry i post here...i'm getting kinda tired...) he (Jason) was a painter who usually worked on huge canvases, and was often in the art studio himself. he's a very exacting painter - a good one too, describing with a few simple and strong stokes of a sketch something that looked more candidly lifelike than any painting i ever conceived of making. very simple, very...i don't know. someting about his stuff - even the ones i'm not terribly fond of - just touches me at some organic level. all of this = big crush.

it also didn't hurt that he was smart, talented, friendly, sweet, smiled a lot, laughed a lot and that i found him utterly adorable in every way. his eyes were gold. not hazel, not brown, but just tawny gold like a lion.

now this guy was just not that interested in me, i guess. i always kind of got the idea that he was a dainty-blond girly-girl type of guy, which i am not really one of those, so why set myself up, right? and i still feebly made my interest known, i guess in the retarded way that teenagers try to do that shit, but it was no good. it was clear he just wasn't interestd. i think this is one of the main reasons i was so attracted to him, and continue to obsess. tonight i flaunt a scrap of secrecy from myself...i mean, he was GREAT - and totally unavailable. " the greatest aphrodisiac...".

intersted? probably not, but i know i am - probably to a fault. so after a bit of rummaging, i found some art of his online. with utmost admiration (bordering on downright lust) for the artist, i give credit, and give you readers some links to see his work :

the UCCS gallery; Obsession, Panel 1

the Warehouse Restaraunt gallery; Obsession, panel 2

it's funny, y'know, Capricorns get a bad rap often times for being very serious, too serious, think too much, have no sense of humor. i have been accused of that on many an occasion...but i really do have a sense of humor, i swear. (just not about myself...i need to work on that) on that note, i'd like to share some cute little forwards that my dad sent me, because - they make me laugh. and my sense of humor needs all the stimulus it can get baby. since they're forwards, not only do i not know who to credit for 'em (thanks, whoever you are - you kick ass), but also some of you may've already seen them twenty times. but i'm not putting them there for you - i'm putting them there for me. okay, well, they're for both of us. we'll share them.

sometimes America really cracks me up.

03.29.01 :

i tell ya, this shit just cracks me up. it was one of those things i found forwarded in my e-mail-box that's been forwarded to about 50 people, so i don't even really know where exactly credit is due, but i would really like to offer the creator of this cute little picture a big old "YOU KICK ASS!" make no mistake, if i could figure out where to give credit and a link, i would do it for you. really, i would.

if you thought that was funny, CHECK THIS OUT! this is another little funny thing forwarded to me (thanks Chris - you always send the good shit!) by the same person as the entry above. you may've seen it around somewhere, but hey - things that crack me up, well, i think that's worth sharing. enjoy.

Dance, motherfucker, DANCE!!!

03.21.01 :

Comet Cursors, baby, yeah. usually i imagine that i would be disgusted to pull up someone's website and find it cluttered with little hoakey e-gimmicks like cursors with celebrities' faces on them...where's my Britney Spears comet cursor, you ask? well, fuck it, you know? i can have my cake and eat it too bitch. it's my page, and if i want Robert Smith's adorable little face on my cursor, then BY GOD I'M GOING TO HAVE IT. love him. and watch it zoom in as you let the cursor hover over a link. i'm just clapping my hands with delight.

02.20.01 :

i really really like rainstorms. there isn't one happening as i type this to prompt my fondness for them, they're just something i always like. i love the freshness, walking otuside and seeing the whole sky grey, not alwyas having to wear sunglasses. rain helps things grow, and i'm a bit of a gardener. storms can be nasty, but really i like them a lot.

i recently blistered a 1/4-inch sized hole in my pinky finger with a drop of burning, melted vinyl fishing line. this i do not like. it hurts. it makes my finger feel like pins-and-needles all the time. there is a hole. it's right on the joint where my finger bends at the top. i also fell 10 feet onto a concrete floor a few days ago, my fall buffeted only by two merciful 80 pound bags of dogfood. i have a jacked up elbow and a lump on my head. these things...well, i like rainstorms much much better.