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12.07.00 :

take a look for yourself

Shit Works Right!

well, it's been a while since i left an entry here, and now i feel that i have just cause. see, when i first started this little section of my "about me" page-maze, i intended it to be room for rants, little more. then i realized : any idiot can tell you to like something. it became important that i should provide more substantial information than my favorite type of candy, my fondness for backgammon. at least once in a while.

no, i decided that it would have to be relevant to something actually" important." (see also the 08.16.00 : entry about my new cello, Schatten pickups) consider this entry to be Part Two in the "home-rock'n'fuckingroll-school-for-cellists" series. let's examine amplification, and, well, the new amp i just bought. let's, shall we? how i love my California Blonde...

the link above is not to a particularly special page, except that it's one i rummaged up with both a good picture and all the technical stats that you gear-heads will gobble right up - hell, i don't even know what some of it means! but i do know that it's the cleanest, velvetiest sound i'd ever imagined to come out of an amp. after playing cello through a Marshall amp for years, i have finally found the sound that i always knew would never be able to come out of that poor Marshall, gawdblessit. and i'll tell you about this new sound i'm sporting - it sounds like sheer heaven. and it is loud. oh yes, you can hear it over the drums.

great string prices - wholesale cost

second on my agenda for this entry is the long-time search for my soul-mate-cello, which i am building from the foundations up. you may've seen the white cello if you checked out the 08.16.00 entry. if not, well go check it out. that's what the entry is for.

so in the ongoing search, i have found some wonderful folks that can do what i want done to this virginal white cello...i want it finished in a deep purple ( match the hair...) but in a medium that will not destroy the integrity of the cello's sound. i posted on a few cello boards, wrote guitar and instrument makers for advice, scanned the internet feebly, all to no avail. then one day i stopped by this neat little outfit called Violins Etc. while i was out and about, just to ask and see if what i want is even feasible to their knowledge. i have bought some things from them - wholesale-price strings, the Schatten pickup i play on, as well as my hard case (a BAM case - i may have mentioned that somewhere too...) - and i've found them to be good folks with great prices who haven't seemed to treat me differently than any other string instrumentalist, not even after they saw me!

so i talk to the man at the counter - i lay out my dilemma : the white cello, having it finished...he asks the man in the back workshop...he says, yes, they could finish it...i say, could you do it, say, purple?...he says, step into the back a moment. i talk to the guys in the shop, lay out my dilemma. they tell me it's feasible, but it'll be expensive. i think to myself "well i KNEW that much!!!" i say, i'll be back. they say, good.

so my plan is set. i figure it'll run me about $1500 to $2000 to put in in playable condition, rough estimate of my own, not a dollar figure from the luthier or anything. i'm just shooting for a top-of-the-limit figure based on the price he said for a normal-style finish, then adding a bit more for the remaining hardware i need. considering that i don't think i'd be able to find a purple-stained wood cello for less than that, i'm calling it a bargain to have the cello of my dreams. it's only my life'sblood and budding career - might as well invest in it, no? maybe when i get that credit limit raised...

and as a final note before i left, the man tells me they could get me a bow strung with purple hair. i mean, does it get any better? yes, Mr. Violin Man, you can bet your sweet ass i'll be back.

10.16.00 :

so funny you could hurt yourself

everyone needs a good laugh. some of us more than others. here is a little peepshow into sheer brilliance that i enjoy successively more each time i visit and read. you may even see some things you recognize in there, or stuble upon some priceless find out more about the genuis of which i speak, click on that sexy orange logo up there. do it. i dare you.

09.14.00 :

i love this magazine...

in high school, i remember my favorite teacher (my art teacher - Floyd Tunson, for the discerning reader, and i feel lucky to have been his pupil) recommending this magazine called Mother Jones to the classes as something worth paying attention to. i paid attention. it took some time, but i finally found myself a subscription to the magazine. tough reading as a don't-give-a-fuck high school student...better reading now, as i have come across it again a few years down the line.

if you haven't seen the 08.04.00 entry below, (just keep reading down the'll get there...) where i rip up the United States a bit, you might check that out as well. i have no political agenda - i just can't believe some of the things "powers" (, i mean wallets) in this country are allowed to get away with...and more outrageous is how little the public likes to investigate and inform oneself about this type of thing. sure, there's some who do care and make an effort, but there's plenty more who are content to be ignorant or apathetic.

and then there's folks like me who see the farce, comment sarcastically and scamper away before the whole sham tips over and crumbles, smashing someone in the process. or something. that's quite enough for now, i suppose. my point? go to a magazine store, pick up a copy of Mother Jones, and read it. watch out, you might learn something.

08.23.00 :

page loads slowly...patience please

ever needed to pick the Right Bottle Of Wine, for that special evening, but had no clue what is "Good"? may i request (um...guys, listen up, because lots of females dig sweet wine) a sweet, sweet white wine that is both highly drinkable and of good quality, without costing enough to feel bad about buying? well, i'm going to tell you all about it either way. just click above to check out my current favorite, Hogue '98 Late Harves Riesling. in case you can't make sense of their wine-technical language, which really is a bit pretentious in print, i'll just tell you what i think of it in average drinker's terms.

it's very delicious, quite fruity flavored without even glancing into the far inferior Boone's country, and not at all dry in the way that most white wines usually are. it's less than $8 a bottle where i have found it, which is affordable but not Cheap, as in you are not really hurting or hung over when you wake up the next day. and it's pretty alcoholic for being wine, which means that after a glass you're already feeling anesthetized. i imagine it would be good with cheesecake or any sort of cakey dessert, really. also excellent alone. i highly recommend it. yum.

(note to amateurs : you WILL need a corkscrew to open this bottle of wine. plan ahead, i say.)

08.16.00 :

the Joy that is Love has me spellbound by a beautiful piece of imagination come to life. feast your eyeballs on my new purchase :

keep in mind that these are not MY pictures, rather those of the seller, which i swiped to put here. they will probably be left up for posterity, even after new and better pictures have been taken. they'll be all over the site once i have them, anyways, so this will be kind of historic...

"but Lisa," you ask, "where ever did you get such a thing?" i'll tell you. it's this little thing called eBay. perhaps you've heard of it? well, i just discovered it like a natural-born gambler, first time in the casino. instantly addicted. forever. so much good stuff passing through there. and i never thought i'd be promoting computers and technology, but here i am doing it.

in fact, in a matter of months i have gone from almost total inactivity on the computer to spending hours in front of it every day. i keep discovering new sites i haven't seen, too many too look at. welcome to the Computerized World. some of you may recognize how my Virtual Virginity has been stolen away without even a second thought. i hope the novelty wears off soon...kind of like after i turned 21, i kept hoping the novelty of drinking legally in bars and buying it at the store would wear off quickly. it took a few months, but it finally waned a bit.

so the same with eBay - i hope i don't bankrupt myself totally before the eBay fever runs its course. pray for me, or something. and to the discerning eye which would question the apparent lack of tuning pegs, bridge, tail piece or strings, well, fear not. i'm prepared for the eventualities that i may not get those in the deal, (after all, they're not pictured, so...) but will have to buy them separately. my "normal" cello that i already own, the reddish-wood colored one, has a special bridge and pickup i had installed, to better my ability to rock out, cranked-up, electric, and Loud. i would be getting another one of these for this new cello anyway, so i am not too worried that it will not arrive with a bridge. are you confused what i'm talking about "cranked-up electric?" find the amariz website on the main page. that's the band i used to play in. 2 drummers, 2 guitarists, 1 bass, 1 vocal, all electric, you bet i had to get a special pickup to be heard.

and this leads directly into my second subject tonight...(this morning, really)

Gear?!? What Kind?!?

when i first started playing in a rock band, i met up with insurmountable sound obstacles. we played live more than anything else, and having no pickup made it almost impossible for me to be heard amongst the amplified music i was part of. even a clip-on-to-the-bridge style of pickup just wasn't picking up as solid of a sound as i needed. so i did a little research, and found a place locally with an employee who knew what i needed, how to get it, and how to install it.

and i ended up with a Schatten Pickup (click above on "Gear?!?..." to check them out) in a brand new and superior bridge. what a joy! i sounded SO GOOD that first time i heard it, i think i almost flipped my lid. this is shameless promotion : if you are in need of acoustic amplification, and do not have hundreds of dollars to pour into it, GET IT FROM SCHATTEN. this is not to say that you may not find something which better suits your needs, or that thier products are cheap or cheaply made. quite the contrary, as i have found mine to be a complete and utter lifesaver, well worth the affordable amount i paid to acquire it, and quite up to the quality standards specific to my situation. excellent tone, power, and versatility, and almost no damage done to any lasting piece of the instrument. just a tiny hole in the bridge.

the other reason this is so important to me as a topic is because of the seeming (at least to me) lack of information readily available on the matter. i believe that having to research your interests is good, but there really aren't too many electrified cellos out there in the forefront for me, or anyone else, to study. now that i am more computer-literate, it's not such a problem to search out and cross-reference different subjects...but this was not always the case for me, and i don't expect people to be proficient on the computer just because they found this site.

the ladies of Rasputina (see first entry, 07.31.00 for more about them) obviously have their setup quite together, equipment-wise. i was, however, unable to really get a hold of them in any manner which i tried, to glean advice or information of WHAT they used for sound equipment. this was not a surprise to me, as elusiveness seems to be a quality of their character, but it left me feeling THAT much more determined to find something which would really work for me, acoustic AND electric. and i found it. now i feel like it's my duty to make that information available to whomever may come across it, not sure WHERE to start looking, that they may come away with a better idea of where to start.

08.04.00 :

Blonde Redhead...great here...

this is a band i was turned onto by one of my co-workers. every time she played their CD at work, i found myself asking, "who is this again?" and liking it more every time. finally, i broke down at a 20% off sale at one of my fave record stores, and bought some of their stuff. i own "La Mia Vita Violenta", (the one i was originally looking for) and "Fake Can Be Just As Good" (which i bought first, unsure what the album name of the one i wanted was. now, i'm beginning to like this one even better than the one i originally got into. they're both great.)

that's right, i DO NOT own the one pictured here, but it does say the band name clearly on the above album cover, so i thought it would serve my purposes here better. the site i linked to is pretty well-rounded, i like it. it has some excellent pics and your other standard band-site treats. this is a dynamic band, and i'm sure you can find lots of other stuff out there (especailly on the internet) about them. there are, well, more sites than i expected. if you don't think you like them at first, try listening to them again sometime...they're one of those grow-on-you bands. and they have grown on me like hair on a yeti. last time these folks came through Austin, i promised and promised myself i would go. i punked out, however, and am still kicking myself for not going. (ow! quit it! ow! quit it!)

U.N. Human Freedom Index, etc. = i am moving to Europe

sleep too well at night? check out some information here, about just how fucked up our country is, and in what various ways and proportions. usually i don't go in for poilitics...but these stats do not really need MY political support to be emphatic, and some things just get me worked into a kind of muckracking frenzy. "and you LIKE this?" you may ask. i like to challenge my mind...i like to think...i like ideas which force people to open their eyes, see things in another way...

don't get me wrong... other countries have it much worse. many of them. so, no, i'm not really complaining per se, just contrasting. and the reason a lot of the European Older World nations have many more advantageous aspects to their societies and governments? well, they're older, more mature in ways, have had many hundreds of years' more practice at it...America is like a recklessly independent teenager, all drive and no objectivity. but don't take it from me. and don't think i'm trying to convince you of anything, because these numbers really speak for themselves, and they make fascinating reading.

07.31.00 :

cello goddesses, and my future wives

these ladies of Rasputina...well, they rock the fucking house, i feel i must give them much props for being a highly inspirational group of badasses, as far as i'm concerned. although their webpage has not been updated for an excruciatingly long time, it's still fun to poke around footage, music, costume lists...this is fun for the whole family. and besides, it's a trio of beautiful lady cellists who play a rockingly classical sort of music unlike anything which has come before them. what doesn't sound good about that?

a precedent-setting style of music has evolved here - look for yourself, but i believe the term they use is "neo-chamber-grunge." whatever you may end up calling it - although their definition is quite appropriate - it's decidedly one of the most technically-brilliant and truly original founts of music out there. in fact, chances are good that if you've found this page somehow, without being guided here, you may have already heard of them. if not, click that little graphic above and go there. go on, do it. well, go ahead! i'm waiting...

curious about astrology? need a place to start? click here.

another Thing I Like is exploring astrology. why? because i find it to be very informative, even when wrong in prediction. i have linked to a site here, which provides the full scope of detailing, from daily forecast to natal chart, and i think you can pretty much get a broad overview for free. try starting out with "Personal Daily Horoscope" in the top left-hand corner. accessing this infromation usually requires birth time, date and location, just so you know...

there are loads of astrology sites, but i find that this one gives good measures of both technical asrtological terms and actual personal information.

keeping it short, (mercifully so,) i like astrology - i am constantly intrigued by it, and have found it to be very meaningful to my life. i am not, however, preaching it, because different things work for different people. either way, the link's there for you to explore on...or not. decide for yourself if it works for you. and knock yo'self out