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My name is Rian. I was born November 14, 1981. I live in Arlington, TX. I have a son named Anthony and he was born on February 19, 2002. The nick name rain came from people not knowing how to read and asking if my name was rain. My friends made fun of it and it just stuck. Everyone calls me that. I have lots of other nicknames but those we dont need to mention. Too confidential.

height: 5'4" (with shoes)
haircolor: strawberry blonde (i helped with the blonde)
eyecolor: most of the time green (they change with the clothing color i wear)

Zodiac sign: scorpio
Marital Status: single but looking
Favorite Colors: green, yellow and orange
Favorite Season: winter (i love cold weather but live in Texas, ironic isn't it?)

Favorite Movie: "At First Sight" (ooh Val Kilmer!!!!!)
Favorite Music: i like all kinds but most of all i like country songs (they're so romantic…well some are) , R & B, Some Alternative, Pop, and Oldies!