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Company D

5th Texas

Living Historians 


The 5th Texas, Company D welcomes you to our Civil War re-enactment website, we are a group of both Military and Civilian re-enactors based in and around Phoenix Arizona. This is a living history site. We, the members of  Company D, in no way support or tolerate the actions, beliefs, or ideas of any hate groups. We do not tolerate the association of the Confederate Battle Flag with such groups, nor its display for other than historical reasons.   Please tour the Company webpages, which are growing all the time.

Company D portrays two different historical Texas Confederate units, and one consolidated Confederate unit:

Company D, 5th Texas Volunteer Infantry Regiment, Hood's Texas Brigade, Longstreet's Corp, Army of Northern Virginia

Company D, 5th Texas Mounted Rifles, Sibley's Brigade, Army of New Mexico

Company D, 5th Confederate Infantry, Polk's Brigade, Cleburnes's Division, Hardee's Corps, Army of Tennessee

SouthWestern Impression
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Eastern Impression

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