Klingons and Twitter

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Allright, so I've been on Twitter for almost two years now, and the Klingon population is booming. So much so, that I can no longer keep track of everyone in my head.


Here is where I will list all Klingons and Klingonists that tweet.

The following accounts have something to do with Klingon. My criterea is loose. Use your own judgment when following. And if the account is private, they'll use their judgment before accepting you. Deal with it.

For a lack of a better method, they're A-Z.

I purposley did not follow such role playing accounts as @LtWorf b/c of their nature. I prefer "real world" Klingons.

I'm also keeping track of these accounts by following them with @_KKS.

wejDIch Wednesday

The third Wednesday of each month, myself, and several of the people listed above tweet exclusivley in Klingon. All posts, all @replies, are in Klingon.


If you've ever been to qep'a' (which I haven't), I hear they "go on the oath". There's a day/evening that some people choose to speak nothing but Klingon. Period.

And while that's "easily" done with a group of Klingon speakers on vacation, it doesn't work as well back at home.

Most of you probably couldn't spend 8 hours at the office speaking Klingon. You might want to, but you might lose your job. Same thing goes for any other non-English language you would try to speak. (You might get away with Pirate.)

I work 6 days a week, and on the 7th I rest.
I don't have a weekend to go out and speak Klingon.
So I thought, "Hey! I'm on Twitter 7 days a week. I can set a side a time to do nothing but 'speak' in Klingon.".
And so wejDIch Wednesday was born!

I (you too) now have one day set aside each month that my on-line contacts know I'll be speaking in Klingon.
They can "listen in" or ignore me. Their choice. They know it's coming.


Hashtags are a way of keeping track of a certain topic on Twitter (they also work well in gMail).

I have created two Klingon hashtags.

#tlh Marks posts in or about tlhIngan Hol. Much like the KLI's e-mail discussion group.
#kli Marks posts about Klingons.

Someone else created
# and #piq To mark #tlh posts written in pIqaD. (We discovered that Twitter Search didn't recognize the first hash, so we've changed over to #piq.

The tags are used losly in practice, and that's a good thing. Use them as you wish, just keep these guidlines in mind. (I forget to use them half the time myself.)

Let me know what else you want/don't want on this page.
If you have a name to be added/removed, just let me know.

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