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poem 'bout Becca

I see that girl sitting there
At lunch all alone
I'd walk over and speak to her
If it wasn't for my lack of backbone
She just sits there and every now and then
She'll give me a little glance
I'm sitting here building cup towers,
I know this is my only chance
I can't help but notice
Her awesome multi-colored shoelace
But I'm afraid if I mention them
That she'll think I'm a nut case.
We always smile at each other
Whenever we pass in a hall
I'm surprised that she sees me
Since I easily blend into walls
I let two long years pass
Without speaking to her once
I was always afraid that the things I would say
Would make me sound like a dunce

Finally at the last moment,
When I knew I'd never see her again
I went right up to her,
My face wearing a grin
I said I couldn't let her leave
Without saying goodbye
I was somehow talking to the girl of my dreams
Without being tongue tied
Before she left that night
We had a quick embrace
I can still recall
The smile upon her face.


There is a girl who watches me sleep,
And keeps me safe from clowns
And no matter when I'm up and need to talk
She is always around.
She makes herself right at home
Inside my little head
While we talk and she watches over me
Lying in my bed
Lilly has helped me realize very many things,
Most importantly that life is just a string
She's not just another voice
Inside Becca's head
She's like a guardian angel,
Making sure I don't wind up dead.
She's an honest little voice,
And I know she'll never lie
And I am greatly comforted
When she says, "Michael don't die!"


It was one of those months
When everything sucked.
Nothing went my way,
I was in a blue funk
Everything was against me
I felt like I had no friends
Suicide was my only escape,
I was at my wit's end.
I planned out every detail ,
August 25th would be the day.
No one was going to find out,
This was the only way.

I was up late one night,
And I told Becca my plan.
That is when she decided
To lend me a helping hand.
She said some words that I'll never forget
That made me change my mind.
For doing so I thank her with all my heart
For being so very kind.
These words hit me very hard,
And I couldn't stop cryings.
She means a lot to me
This nifty girl with the colorful shoestrings.
I cannot write here the words she said,
Because to you they would make no sense
If you were to hear their simplicity,
You'd dismiss this poem
As nonsense.
It's now been one month,
Since the day I would have died.
So many things have happened since then,
I'm glad one of them wasn't suicide.
Becca has given me,
The rest of my life.
I hope I'm lucky enough to have someone as special as her As my wife.
I love her so very much,
For keeping me among the living
In order to fully thank her for this,
I would have to never stop giving.
I have decided never to waste
A moment of the life she has given me .
I'm now a bright, shiny
And smiling Michael whom is always happy
I doubt she understands,
How much those words have done.
And act as wonderful as hers,
Is seldom undone.

(note: I have not read through this entire poem without stopping. I end up thinking of Becca and what she said to me. Then, after wiping the tears from my eyes, I continue. So it may not have as big of an emotional impact on you as it does on me.)
(nother note: This poem was not given a title b/c I did not want it judged before it was read.)


You sent me Lilly
You gave me hope
You've made me realize
That I'm not a dope
You've made me happy
And really glad
You always seem to cheer me up
Whenever I am sad
You saved my life last August
When I was filling blue
For that I give
A big huge THANK YOU!
*big hug*


It's been another year,
since the day I would have died.
I'm glad you where there that night
to talk me out of suicide.

You've been a great friend,
and I'm sorry we don't talk much
If I wasn't in Indy
I'd call you to go do lunch.

I spent too many nights
wondering about the nifty girl w/ the awesome multi-colored shoelace
To let you disappear
from my life without a trace.

I hope Denton is treating you well
and giving you happy days.
I'd just like to say thank you,
for getting my mind out of its hellish maze.

To Becca Again
(NOT 'Becca' from above!)
(her web-site is on the 'links' page)

You're my only real friend
in this whole d@mn state,
But you won't talk to me
long enough to set aside a date
that we can meet each other
and have a little fun
just laughing and talking
'til we can no longer see the sun.
Every time I call
it's always the "wrong time",
But I still keep calling back,
am I just wasting my dime?
I moved out here
to see you.
I thought meeting would be fun.
And, well, I thought you did too...


I like you, but do you like me?
Don't you see how happy we could be?
I'd give you the world, If you'd just give me the time
You're the one who said I was so kind
Sitting next to you in your car
Driving so very far
We have no destination, we barely even speak
I'd tell you what I'm thinking, if I wasn't so weak
What would you think if I told you what I thought?
It might be ungood, guess I better not
I'll just sit here and not say a word
Listen to you sing to the music prettier than a bird.

Title courtesy of Tracy a.k.a. Batman.
Poem posted due to request of Tracy a.k.a. Batman, hope you enjoy.


My last ray of sunshine has faded away.
Oh how I do not wish to stay
In this world or in this life
Because it's filled with grief and strife
She cannot stand me, this is what I say,
Because she thinks that I act gay
We met each other only once
Did I really act like that much of a dunce?
We've barely spoken since that date
Maybe I'll go see if I can sneak in them pearly gates.


I let myself believe
that all of this was real
I let myself
actually feel
I wanted to believe
that I could be loved I wanted to believe
in a higher force above
I wanted to believe
I wouldn't always be alone
I wanted to get
calls on the phone
I wanted to believe
I wasn't a safety net
I wanted to believe
you knew me though we just met
I wanted to believe
there was more to life than crying
And that I had found
something besides dying


Mint flavored black ink thoughts
SOBE flavored fun
Eight hour periods in which lovers embrace
Perfectly kissing, perfectly caressing
Wondrous emotions flowing free
In backs of cars or on carpeted floors
The two express their sacred love
~Oct. 14, 2002; 9ish am

I missed you alot
So I came to say hello
It was great to see you again
And to be reminded just how fun love can be
You were perfect my dear,
And I guess I was too
It's amazing just how powerful love can be.

~January 6, 2003; 3:06am


Do you realize the effect you have on me?
Screaming n' yelling like you're part of my family
B****in' n' complaining 'bout me not doing my job
Looking at me like I'm a f***in' slob
You're so cool, movin' from Ohio
Goin' out at night-drinkin' your 40
End o' the day, thankin' me for my work
Then we part with a pleasant li'l look

My Goddess

I moved what seemed a billion miles
away from all the empty smiles
I moved to a place far away
where no one knew that I was gay.
And then you came along
I was 'God' in the show you put on.
You reached in-pulled me out of my shell
and my internal, self-made hell
you found out who I really am
and said your name was 'Maryanne'
You cooked for me some dead cow
and said what botherest thou?
I said that I don't fit in,
and never expect to ever win.
Somehow you believe in me,
and think one day I'll have a family
You see in me so much more,
than I could ever really hope for.
I hope then, that I won't let you down.
or ever make you frown.
*big hug*


You speak of moving away from here
But I already feel that you're not near
It's not the same without your home
And it gives you a chance to freely roam.
I have fun hiking in all these parks,
But I don't know what to do when we're apart.
I just wander aimlessly
And try to be happy to everyone I see

Re: please read

I havn't written for so long
I didn't realize something was wrong
Until you wrote an e-mail to me
About how you like my poetry.

I'll strive to write a little each day
I get married the month before May
And so my writing may once again slow
If it does, feel free to let me know

~December 7, 2003


I do not claim superiority over you,
I am not here as part of a scam
If we were going to steal your car,
In front of you I would not be.

Out in the cold I work all day
Out of my way I went for you
Out-of-control this situation has become
Overjoyed we left you

Unfamiliar with us, you were
Unsuspecting I did return
Unrelenting you were on the phone
Useless I was to my release

Again we called you about your car
Aggrivated due to our own fault
Alone I was when I entered in
Accustomed to being held hostage was I not

Exiting through the rear I went
Eventually we finished your car
Escape rout I did not think to plan
Exahusted by the days end

Your car we over looked
You over reacted to our words
You tried to attack my hair
You let us leave in peace

~December 7, 2003

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