(Ananas comosus in the Bromeliaceae or pineapple family) is a fruit of the American tropics, discovered by Columbus in 1493 on the island of Guadeloupe in the Caribbean. It was brought to Hawai'i in the late 1800's, and by the early 1900's Hawai'i supplied ¾ of the world's pineapple. This sweet, juicy fruit became a symbol of hospitality as sea captains, upon returning to New England, would put a pineapple on their fencepost to let friends and family know they had returned from their journey to Hawai'i.

hala kahiki~Hawaiian
ananas~French, German, Dutch, Norweigen
o abacaxi~Portugese
菠萝~Chinese (Simplified)
~Chinese (Traditional)

courtesy of Richard