Hawaiian vs tlhIngan Hol

I am currently studying two different languages, Hawaiian and tlhIngan Hol. But are they really so different?

Some of you may be wondering why I picked these two languages out of all the other "more useful" ones out there. No one speaks only Hawaiian, or only Klingon. Hawaiian is a dead language, and Klingon is artificial.
But that doesn't matter to me, I like them.

My intrest in Hawaiian (and Hawai'i in general) started when I met my soon to be wife; but it has grown from there. My intrest in Klingon is obvously sparked by the fact I'm a trekkie. But we will speak of neither of those things.

Hawaiian as a language is very flowery and pretty. Very full of vowles. Klingon is the exact oposite in that reguard being very straight forward and gutteral. Very full of consonants. In Hawaiian, consonants cannot touch each other, and words must end in vowles. Klingon, likewise does not allow vowles to touch, and most words end in a consonant.

Hawaiian was spoken only until English missionaries came and wrote it down. The consonants are pronounced fairly like english, while the vowl sounds are as in Latin. Klingon is written in a native writing system called pIqaD which we arn't too sure about. But it's written by us Klingonists using a romanized transcripton system (ASCII likes it better that way).
Interestingly, both languages use a glottal stop "'", or an apostrophe. It is a consonant, a full letter. It indicates a harsh stop; like the catch in the throught in the English word "uh-oh". And interestingly, both my Hawaiian and Klingon dictionaries give the same example.
So, as you can see, these two langauges are very different, yet very similar.

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tlhIngan Hol

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