The Towel Curse

Both my kitchen and my bathroom are cursed. Towels just won't stay in their. In the kitchen, the towels are kept on the oven door handle. It's convinently located by the sink. The only problem is, we're always knocking them off, and then tossing them into the laundry. I've watched people place a towel there, only for it to be missing ten minutes later. And no one will know where it went.
The bathroom is a slight bit more complex. I'll go in to wash my hands, and their won't be a towel. So I'll put one in their. Five minutes later (if that) my dad will decide to do some laundry, and wash... towles. So he'll go around the house, gathering any dirty towels that he sees. I'll go back into the bathroom, and the towel I placed therin will no longer be there.
While it might not sound like a curse to you, we've been living in this house for many years now, and towels just won't stay in there.

The Curse is Broken

About a year ago, my grandma moved in with us. Not being accustomed to this curse, she became very frusterated that towels would not stay in the bathroom. So she got a coat hanger, and a roll of paper towels and made her own paper towel dispenser. The curse didn't know what to do. It had been beaten. After a few months of this, the curse left the bathroom, and now cloth towels stay put on a regular basis.
But what about the Kitchen you say?
My parents bought this ingenious piece of plastic. It clips onto a towel and loops around our oven handle. Unless you un-clip the towel, it's not going anywhere. I've tried, it won't budge. The towel is always where we need it. I'm sure, that after we scare the curse out of the house, we won't be needing that clip anymore.