The other day, I was flipping through a Klingon dictionary. I'm not sure if it was TKD, or my pocket dictionary. But as I was flipping, I came across the word tlhIt. It was listed as a verb meaning gently (yes, I know, "gently" is an adjective--I've been told). I thought that this could be a rather useful word, I even spent some time seeing if there was a "pun" somewhere in the word. And there was. But if you really want to know what it is, just stare at it long enough. I went to school, and was thinking about this word, I couldn't quite recall what the definition was, but I knew it was definetley tlhIt. But since I was in my weight lifing class, I didn't have my pocket dictionary in my pocket. I tried going on-line, to search for the word, but I could find no references to it. I searched the KLI's mailing-list archives for any reference, but there wasn't one.

After school, I had to rush to work; but I did have a chance to toss my dictionary in my pocket. While I wasn't busy, I looked it up. It wasn't listed. So I figured it was a newer word that had been "discovered" after the printing of my pocket dictiory (there's a good number of them).

So I had to wait until I got home to search my computer dictionary. In an Excel file, I have EVERY canon word that we have. So I scrolled down to the tlh's and looked for tlhIt. It wasn't there. And when I didn't see the entry, it dawned on me, that I hadn't actually looked up the word. I dreamed up the word. tlhIt is NOT a Klingon word, my mind made it up while I slept.

Some have suggested that Kahless was talking to me while I slept. If this is the case, I hope he also tells Maltz to disclose this word to Okrand.

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