It all started with...

My day started with me picking berries out of my cereal. When your day starts like that, you know something is wrong. So, like I said; I was picking berries out of my cereal. My Mother bought Speacial K with Red Berries. Ooohhh, red berries. I don't like berries in my cereal (unless they're blue berries, but only on special occassions). So after I poured cereal in my bowl, I had to pick out all the red specks, they felt very un-berry like. After breakfast I showered and got dressed. It was then that I noticed my deoderant was missing. I didn't have time to hunt for it (I spent all my time on the berries) so I decided to borrow my dad's spray deoderant. Now my dad's deoderant is kept in a green aeresol can on the back of his bathroom counter. So I ran in, grabbed a green can, and sprayed it under my arm. Then I read the can and realized it was a green can of hair-spray. I wanted the other green can. So I washed as much hairspray off as I could, and went to brush my teeth. And guess what; my toothbrush was missing as well. If something happens to a toothbrush in this house, it's usually mine. I looked in the normal places, like the trash can, and the toilet. But it was nowhere to be found. I was quickly running out of time, so I decided I'd borrow some Listerine. I poured the bottle a little too quickly, so it spilt all over the sink. So I had a little mess to clean up.
I wasn't even at work yet, and I was ready to call it a day. Now, I'm a cashier at a local grocery store. So I spend my days standing in one place, making things go beep.
Well, I made this one guys things go beep, handed him his change; counted it back to him 2 times (counting it a total of 3 times, because I counted it out of my till before I gave it to him). At first he thought I gave him too much money; but I showed him his receit, and counted it to him again. He left, and about 10 minutes later he came back and said I didn't give him enough. So they had to pull my till and count it.
This proved to be an event in itself; because they couldn't make heads or tails of how much money was supposed to be in my regester. So after a good 15 minutes they gave they guy his $5 and kept stairing at my till. They eventually gave it back and shrugged their shoulders at the whole thing.
{still typing...}

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