My Toothbrush

I know a few people who are overly picky about their toothbrush. The kind of people that wouldn't even share it with thier lover. I don't go to that exteame, but I do like it to be sanitary. My family seems to have a problem with this. If something is going to happen to a toothbrush in my house, it's going to be mine.
Alright, you know how you're supposed to change your toothbrush every so many months, I change mine more often because my family's activities force me to.
I used to keep my toothbrush on the back of the sink. But it always ended up a little too close to the Dial soap, and while I'm a big fan of being anti-bactierial, I don't want it in my mouth. So I changed sides of the sink. Only for some reason people kept knocking if off. And where does it land? The toilet, the trash can, the floor. After enough toothbrushes had been lost to such accadents, I stored it ontop of the medicine cabinet (it's a rectangle). But somehow it got knocked off of their as well, and would land in the toilet. (Does no one besides me put the seat down?) At the moment my toothbrush resides inside the medicine cabinet, but I won't tell you what color it is, because I have a dummy toothbrush set up to fool my family...