They Can Buy Anything


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So I guess you're wondering what this "paper" is about. It's about middle aged women. Seriously. In my opinion, these women can walk into just about any store (I say "just about" so no one tries to find that one exception) and buy something in that store, with little to no questions. I work at a grocery store. If a guy walks in and buys feminine hygiene (sp?) products; either the cashier, the bag boy, or both will make some sort of joke, or laugh. (We try to do it without you noticing.) And we all know it's not really for them, but something about it is just "odd". So obviously men, can't go into any store.

But these women can? Yes. Why? It's because of what they represent. They are much more than just middle aged women, they are also wives and mothers. If she's buying a mens dress shirt, it's for her husband, if she's buying an Ozzy t-shirt, it's for her son. If she's buying clothes a little too small for her, it's probably for her daughter.

No matter what it is she's trying to purchase, the salesperson assumes who she's buying it for. But they don't do this for the guy. Why is this?

If a middle aged male goes into Victoria Secrets (alone), he's going to get an odd look or two. More than likely he's buying something for his wife, but people are still going to wonder if it's really for someone else.

If anyone has answers, let me know...

(c)2003 Michael Roney Jr.