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People can't drive.
We just can't. We've devoted entire industries to automobiles. (Don't get me wrong, I have nothing agains cars, I work at a repair shop.) But for some reason we don't properly train people how to effectivly operate these machines. All of us out there on the road are amatures.
Wait, there are these professional drivers we have. And do you know what we do with these profesional drives? We put them on a closed course and have them drive in circles. Seriously. I used to live up in Indianapolis, they pay people to drive really fast and then turn. These are people that know how to drive so well, that they get PAID to do it. They have such skill in driving a car, that we go to watch them do this. But they drive so well, that they can't be out there with the rest of us.
But there's one more thing. It turns out that they don't drive all that better than the rest of us. In fact, it turns out that they crash their cars too! And none of these fender benders, their cars flip at hundres of miles per hour, bursting their cars into flames.

And they call themselves profesionals...