As He Stood There; Chapter II

As he lay in bed next to her, he couldn't help but think about how perfect this all felt. Being married to her; having a beautiful daughter together. Knowing that they loved each other greatly. But as great as all of that felt; he knew something was wrong. He had no memory of them being married, of them being together over the past few years, no memory of her since that night at the Falls.
Could he really have changed history? Did he really go back in time? Or was he suffering from some severe form of amnesia? He had to figure this out. He was relieved that it was late Friday night; that would give him the rest of the weekend to figure out as much as he could before going back to work on Monday. And that too concerned him, where was he supposed to go back to on Monday? When he was positive that his lovely wife was sound asleep, he swiftly slipped out of bed and started hunting around the house for clues, reminders of a past he didn't know. He found a few scrapbooks and photo albums; and a wedding license! They were married on July 11, 1975 at 7:54pm. It took him a second to calculate the date, since the actual document read "07/11/1975; 19:54:30". They had been married in Rochester, New York—but he wasn't quite sure why. After all, her family was from England and he grew up no where near the East Coast. He tried to remember their wedding, but he just couldn't. Then it donned on him; in July of '75 he was in Russia. He was there until sometime in '87. He thought for a second. January 10, 1987 is when he got back into the states, some time after 3, if he remembered right. Not that he had any reason to trust his memory. He missed his time spent in Russia. The friends he meet there. He closed his eyes and drifted back, he could hear the streetcars zooming by, and he could smell the scent of the corner bakery. He could feel the cold nipping at his ears.
"Brrrr" and he shivered. He also opened his eyes and saw that he was no longer in his house, but that he was back in Russia feeling the cold, and he was right outside that corner bakery. Just then his friend Sasha came 'round the corner.

"Nataniel! there you are. I've been looking everywhere for you. Come inside, it's cold."

"Natan. It's Natan." Some friends shorten your name, Sasha was the kind that made your name longer. They stepped inside the bakery, it was warm there; and filled with the scent of freshly baked breads and rolls.
If I'm in Russia… I'm not with Kylee. Meaning, Kylee is dead? Is this a dream? Was that a dream? his thought was intereupted by Sasha
"Nice medalion, you get that at a shop here, or back in the states? It looks like something Kai would make."
"I got it in an old shop back in the sta…" and that's when it hit him—the old woman who sold him his necklace warned him to "watch what you're thinking…". Was that the key to this all? Were his daydreams responsible for all of this?
"Sasha, do you remember Kylee?"
"Sure I do, you were crazy about her. You even talked about getting married, right?"
"We did..."
"Man, she never saw the ground drop off, did she; poor girl."
If this medaillion is resonsible for all of this, I know what I have to do. Natan thought long and hard about walking through the water at the foot of Douglas Falls, right after he had saved Kylee's life. And before long, he could feel the water falling all around him. When he opened his eyes, he was holding onto her hand, walking towards their tent. He turned around, towards the falls, took off the necklace from around his neck, "I'm going to remember it this time." And with that he threw it into the water.

The End
© 2003