As He Stood There

It was a dark and stormy night. The rain fell down on the windows, every so softly, he could feel her hand brush against his cheek; even tough she wasn't really there. He stepped outside, on his way to dinner he supposed; he just needed to get out of the house. And as his black boots splashed in the newly formed puddles, with the water dripping over him like rain; it remind him of summers past, spent with her at the foot of Douglas Falls. It had been a warm summer night, much like tonight was. And for a moment he felt like he was back there again, with her; the stars out-the crickets chirping. His eyes were closed as the rain fell on his face, he was lost in his memory of her. And then she kissed him.
He opened his eyes surprised to see that she was there. Right there in front of him, just like she had been so many years ago. And then he looked around him, and realized that he was there just like he had been so many years ago.
How could this be? he thought.
There was no denying it, he was there, with her; at the foot of Douglas Falls, just like it all had been.

"Is something wrong, my Love?" she asked him.

The sound of her voice was more than he could bear. How long he had longed to be with her again, and now here she was, calling him her love, and none of it felt right, but none of it felt wrong.

"No, everything is how it should be."

"Then good…" and she kissed him, and before he could blink, she had disappeared behind the falls; obviously wanting to be pursued. And that's when it hit him.

"No!" he cried. He knew that she wouldn't be coming back out of those falls, and the thought of loosing her twice drove him mad. He dashed through the water after her, just as he had before, but this time with a more serious frame of mind.
He spent no time playfully calling out to her; he went right to where he knew she'd be. But this time, he got there soon enough, she had not yet fallen. And he was forever grateful.

"I found you!"

"Of course you did, silly; I wanted you to. Why the long face? Think you'd get here and I'd be gone?"

"No, of course not. Let's just go back out to our tent, okay?"

"Of course, my beloved."

Could this be real? Could he have really saved her. Or was he still daydreaming in front of his house in the rain. And as he dwelled on that, they passed under the water fall; which felt a lot like the rain in front of his house. And as he opened his eyes, expecting to see his tent in front of him, and his fiancée at his side, he was back in front of his house; standing in the rain; alone like before.

"parmaqqaywI' vIlargh. nuqDaq ghaH?" He looked around, and something was different… the car in front of his house was missing. And someone else's car was in it's place. And there was a light glowing from one of the windows of his house. A room he seldom used. He would not have left it on; someone must be in there. But who? Before he could entertain the thought longer, the light turned off. Now he was really curious. Not only was someone in his house, but they were on their way out. His front door opened, he didn't know whether he should run and hide, or stay and fight whoever had broken in. But to his surprise a little girl, not much older than 2 stepped out. And not too long after her, was Kylee.

"Go hop in the car with Daddy."

Daddy? Did she just call me "Daddy"? This can't be, Kylee died at Douglas Falls. Unless, unless I really did save her. But… but how?

"So, are you going to get in the car, or stand out here catching your death of cold?"

"Nani oe. "

"Aw, thanks. You too, now hop in the car or we'll be late."

"Hey, you wanna drive? I don't really feel like it tonight."

"Sure sweatie, as long as you get my door."


They hopped in the car that was sitting in place of his, and as they drove off; he couldn't help but wonder how his life had been different over the past many years.
© 2003; Michael Roney Jr.


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