The Bubble List

The "Bubble List" started out as a list of nouns who were going to be saved in "bubbles" of my own design when I destroyed/blew up the world. While I no longer plan on doing this, my friends and I continue to add to it for our own amusement. Feel Free to add whatever you wish.

Pointless Bubble Fact of the Moment:

Tym was the first person besides Michael to add a bubble to the list.

1-1. Me
KT1-2. Tim Brown and Elizabeth
K1-3. Patrick
K1-4. Linda
KL1-5. All Stephanie's
KL1-6. All Jennifer's except Jen
KL1-7. Katie
KL1-8. The "goddess"
KL1-9. Shirley
KL1-10. Liz K.
KL1-11. Brittany S.
K1-12. Tim Culpon
K1-13. Brittany H. and Family
KL1-14. Nifty girl in World Geography
K1-15. The cool guy with the formerly long hair
LK1-16. Heather
U1-17. Smurfs
N1-18. the Prophet
R1-19. California (not the people)
R1-20. Easter Island (ditto)
R1-21. Eurasia (castles, ruins, etc. [only])
R1-22. Florida (only land and buildings [no peoples])
R1-23. Australia
ER1-24. China (little plastic toy making factories and workers)
ER1-25. Japan (cartoonists)
J1-26. The first person to read STUPH cover to cover (excluding Thomas Elliot) Hayley
K1-27. Marc Hendon
LK1-28. Nicole
E1-29.Volkswagens [bicycles on Jetta Trek included]
"N"K1-30. All Jessica's (rabbit?)
L1-31. Desa (sp?)
KLT1- 32. Nifty girl with the awesome multi-colored shoelaces and me
J1-33. Mounties
U1-34. Dragons
U1-35. Gargoyles
TD2-36. Jack and Samantha
1-37. Jill
T1-38. Autumn Chase
LK1-39. Jared and Stacy
K1-40. Heather Smith
L1-41. Lisa
L1-42. Michelle
L1-43. Cherry
U1- 44. COWS
F1-45. Sunkist Factory
L1-46. Nifty girl @ lunch (doctor)
L1-47. Chantel
L1-48. Girl on Linda's street
U1-49. Mandy's car
L1-50. Nifty freshman [98-99 school year] girl with brownish-blond hair
TL1-51. The girl who's stuck in the 70's
DL1-52. Octavius and Jamie
DL3-53. Patchwick and Diana
L1-54. Susie
DLT2-55. Sal and Emily
U3-56. Hatrick and Thom with an 'h' and a cow named 'moo'

N1-57. G. E.
TD2-58. Arthur and Lisa
T1-59. Lansquia and TYNTK
L1-60. Christie
E1-61. WWW
K1-62, Ryan
U1-63. Oberon and Titania
U1-64. Oberon's children
R1-65. Avalon
N1-66. King Arthur (if not currently on Avalon)
U1-67. The Phoenix
68. [ ]
U56-69. 69
EL1-70. Larisa R. Oleynik
NEC1-71. The Power Puff Girls
C1-72. All 14 year olds
JE1-73. Voltron
"N"E1-74. Cryaola factory
E1-75. William Hanna
E1-76. Joseph Barbara
J1-77. Nifty things
U1-78. Merrium Webster's Dictionaries
E1-79. Ozzy
DT2-80. A mere number, $1.01, and Maren
R1-81. Cuba and Italy
R1-82. Atlantis
U3-83. El Dorado
F1-84. All Aunt Jemima and Mrs. Bairds products
DF3-85. Aristotle and fruity pebbles
J1-86. Murphy (the guy with the law)
S1-87. Anne with and 'e'
L1-88. Girl with the purple back pack
DT2-89. The gray Mormon and Melanie
L1-91. Caroline Kelly
L1-92. Crystal
93. The person who pushes the BIG red button
U1-94. Macbeth
DL3-95. Archemedes and Crystal
R1-96. Ireland
R1-97. Scotland
R1-98. England (nifty stuffs)
R1-99. Iceland
S1-100. Whales
S1-101. Thundercats
R1-102. Chile (no peoples)
J1-103. Jack [founder of Jack in the Box]
K1-104. Andrew
K1-105. Nifty girl who asked about tape recorder while I was getting a drink
K1-106. #105's friend
DL2-107. Jamie and Simon
R1-108. Greenland
R1-109. Trinidad and Tobago (sp?)
L1-110. Misti
E1-111. Robin Williams
112. The rain forest
F1-113. Tabasco (factory and workers)
DL3-114. Jeromia and the goddess known as Erin
E1-115. Belinda Carlisle
N1-116. Barbers
U1-117. Merlin
U1-118. The Lady of the Lake
J1-119. tim's mental hit list
U1-120. my voices
SR1-121. Timbuktu
SR1-122. Kalamazoo
S1-123. The train from Timbuktu to Kalamazoo and back again
K1-124. Select ducks
E1- 125. assorted actors and actresses
E1-126. school busses [only some] and paint
E1-127. Billy Idol
LK1-128. Girl walking away from school on Alma
E1-129. vertical take-off and landing airplanes
TK1-130. Sarah Williams
E1-131. Cher
JR1-133. Archem (sp?) Asylum
K1-134. Eddie
K1-135. Karen
K1-136. Laura
K1-137. eric
L1-138. Julie wood
L1-139. Lindsey Silvis
S1-140. Mrs. Robinson
E1-141. Chuck E. Cheese
L1-142. Stephanie Collins and Michael
"R"1-143. 1200 Lombardy
L?1-144. S.U.T.S.O.M.
N1-145. ALL
N1-146. Libraries
E1-147. U.S. Gov't files
U56-148. Alaska
U56-149. a box of Styrofoam(tm) peanuts
U56-150. an old weeping willow
U56-151. three twigs
U56-152. a small piece of cotton

S1-153. Crinsom and clover
S1-154. Black Velvet
S1-155. a lady in red
E1-156. the record company
L1-157. Nicole Sanden
L1-158. Heather Holt
L1-159. the girls who sing/dance to my music after wrestling
L1-161. Blair
N1-162. Band-aid brand bandage factory and workers
N1-163. Someone capable and willing to perform marriages
E1-164. Oscar Meyer Wiener Mobile
F1-165. Tootsie rolls
F1-166. tootsie pops
S1-167. Mr. Owl
E1-168. Disney animators, etc.
N1-169. silk worms
R1-170. Alcatraz and its ghosts . . .
L1-171. Crystal Sumptner
DT2-172. a tired worn old man and Kelly Branson
DT2-173. the guy who names trees and Heather Branson

L1-174. girls who were at the mall
L1-175. Sarah and Michael
E1-176. Ataris
E1-177. computers
N1-178. select programmers
N1-179. fuel
F1-180. Gerber
N1-181. pampers
N1-182. quilted northern
L1-183. M.J.H.
NF1-184. Dole (everything they own)
NF1-185. Hytop (all of their products)
S1-186. love potion #9
S1-187. purple people eaters
U3-188. monkey Boy
EN1-189. books
EN1-190. golden books
J1-191. ALF
S1-192. Ronda (sp?)
S1-193. #5 (Johnny 5)
S1-194. glow worms
F1-195. DOTS (as in the candy)
A1-196. Kwolas
E1-197. togas
C1-198. 5 year olds
L1-199. L.C.
E1-200. fingernail polish
E1-201. O.M.O.'s
J1-202. party favorish items to be used as bubble warming gifts
S1-203. Commercials (nifty ones)
E1-204. I dream of Genie episodes
L1-205. Queen Kixxy
TD2-206. Killuntoo and Tara
EK1-207. guy in World Geography who did stand up comedy routine for mask project
L1-208. L.C.
K1-209. girl Tim said "hey" to
K1-210. girl on bike
K1-211. girl Tim called an o.m.o.
K1-212. girl Tim said not to give a bubble to
K1-213. girls who were following us into the theatre
K1-214. girls who were walking opposite direction of Tim and I
U1-215. babies
E1-216. calligraphy
E1-217. the BIG red button
K1-218. the first person to write me a letter/e-mail concerning "STUPH" and its contents
E1-219. animated cursors
W1-220. pens and paper
E1-221. sign language (ASL)
L1-222. girl who was finishing work in math
ES1-224. music tapes, CD's, records, .mp3's, etc.
E1-225. movies
"N"E1-226. maps
N1-227. computer repairmen
DL104-228. the dirty Brit and Gidget
JK1-229. Anna Sampson
U2-230. Pen #15 (if you don't know write it out as one word minus the #)

Alright, the original copy of The Bubble List was kept in a 3-ring binder. It was the same binder that contained the original copy of my book STUPH. The next year while I was writing the sequel, THYNGS, I decided "new book, new bubble list". But I decided to keep the original numbering system. However, sometime towards the need of my senior year, my THYNGS binder vanished, along with the bubble list. So, if I gave you a bubble during my senior year, I apologize, but you'll have to apply for a new one (except for Tracy, her bubble was salvaged).
When I once again started adding bubbles, I added onto the original list, therefore I have re-used the numbers that were used my senior year.

L1-231. Terri & Mike
L1-232. Connie
K1-233. Mary
L1-235.Torey Cloud &Twiggy
L1-Katy & Future Clothes
L1-239. Amber & the guy she never called back
NTK1-240. Lilly
NK1-241. Bear & Becca
N1-242. Bear & me & my quilt
S1-243. record players, tape players, etc.
1-244. stores (unless the [ ]
RE1-245. softball fields on Hedgecox
E1-246. scented candles
r1-247. places where flowers are breed (and occur naturally)
1-248. bubble making plant and workers
N1-249. Farms
N1-251. farmers
N1-252. Ranchers
1-253. swimming pools
E1-254. mass quantities of Jell-O brand gelatin
E1-255. Jell-O brand pudding
NF1-256. All divisions of all food manufacturing companies [excluding the marketing/advertising divisions]
L1-257. Tracy
N1-258. All divisions of all necessary non-foods manufacturing companies [ditto]
E1-259. Bob Woodruff Park
E1-260. Jewelry makers & equip.
E1-261. Artists (The poor, poor, struggling tortured Artists) *tear falls*
E1-262. Hot-air balloons
NE1-263. writers
NE1-264. publishers & printing presses
NE1-266. props, stage, etc. [to be used in the performances of the plays Becca and all other Bubble List Approved {otherwise known as BLA} people write]
N1-267. All churches, synagogues, temples, etc.
E1-268. Tym's cool green van
TD2-269. Simon & Chel'c
LD27-70. Lizzy Burnet + Marcus

UC1-271. Meagan Baird & The Night Checker
R1-273. Yellowstone National Park
EN1-274. STUPH
N1-276. Missionaries
NE1-278. matches
EN1-279. lighters
J1-280. The Bubble List
K1-281. Nicole
K1-282. Samir "the beer man" Mir (sp?)
n1-283. poem book
1-285. Thom Thumb #554
1-286. The Batphone
1-287. The Robinphone
1-288. 7-11 @ Custer and Spring Creek
1-289. Half-Price Books
1-290. back seats
1-291. iw's poems
1-292. Kamel Red's
1-293. Nicky & the guy who lives behind her
1-294. Peoples in cash office
1-295. My truck
1-296. Sam Braughm
E1-297. R.C. Clark High School
E1-298. Plano East Senior High
E1-298. Carpenter Middle School
E1-299. Henry B. Carlisle Elementary School
E1-300. Latimer Elementary School
E1-301. Country Lane Elementary School
1-302. Ford's Furniture
1-303. the moon
1-304. The Man in the Moon
1-305. R.E.M.
1-306. Elvis
1-307. Bordon(R) Dutchbrand Chocolate Milk
1-308. pink milk
J1-309. brown paper bags used to contain alcoholic beverages
1-310. The Violent Femms
1-311. Albertson's
1-312. strobe lights
1-313. black lights
1-314. "party lights"
1-315. edible phosphorous
1-316. glow sticks
1-317. Nicky's Truck
1-318. Frosty the Snowman
1-319. Fluffy the Snowman (snowcat?)
1-320. Giggles [the cooluie]
1-321. Mr. Clean
1-322. G.I. Joe
1-323. Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice
1-324. Lizards and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails
1-325. Green Day
1-326. Nirvana
1-327. T-shirt makers
1-328. Laura Silvis
1-329. flutterbys
1-330. Chris Kringle
1-331. Santa Claus
1-332. St. Nick
1-333. candle holders
1-334. Stalkings
1-335. gray pupon
1-336. fancy cars containing #335
1-337. dancing gopher
1-338. The San Fransisco Music Box Company
1-339. Trollies
1-340. The great and spacious building
1-341. bread
1-342. musac (sp?)
1-343. Whataburger
1-344. Carl's Jr.
1-345. Meagan w/ the cape
1-347. Tony
1-348. Ryan
1-349. Jammie
1-350. Michelle
1-351. Tennessee (sp?)
1-352. accordians
1-353. bagpipes
1-354. penguins
S1-355. the land of the delta blues
1-356. water (yes, yes, very important...)
1-357. Great America
1-358. Six Flags
1-359. Disney Land
1-360. Lego Land
1-361. Disney World
1-362. Euro Disney
1-363. Spectrum Plus
1-364. fossil fuels
1-365. the force
1-366. quilted paper towels
1-367. The Bank of the Northern Hemisphere
1-368. nifty girl who's mother sells the coffee at CCCCD SCC
1-369. hope
1-370. oysters
1-371. pearls
1-372. palmtrees
1-373. gelly roll pens
1-374. really nervous girl who bought condoms at 1:51am
1-375. the witch costume Becca and her mother made for me
1-376. everything else I wore w/#375 (hmm...)
L1-377. nifty girl in soc.
L1-378. really hot guy who works at Illuminations in StoneBriar Center
1-379. spiked braclets, necklaces, collers, and other spiffy studded costumes... *winks*
1-380. The Great Pumpkin
1-381. The Easter Bunny
1382. The Tooth Fairy
1-383. Dancer
1-384. Prancer
1-385. Donder
1-386. Blitzen
1-387. Comet
1-388. Cupid
1-389. Dasher
1-340. Vixen
1-341. Rudolf
1-342. ciggarette vending machines
1-343. clear fingernail polish (with sparkles in it) no, not with sparkles in it; then it wouldn't piss of Marc
1-344. Starbucks
1-345. girl at Whataburger who used "may" as opposed to "can"
N1-346. All clothing belonging to everyone on the bubble list.
(plus all the spiffy/freaky clothes they all WANTED to own... heh heh heh) - what is it? FREAKY...
1-347. Mr. Sandman
1-348. Malls
1-348. Tank's Legos
349. The little Becca girl who comes through my line
1-351. Anna
1-352. Cindy Bishop
1-353. Little kid who got a sticker at chirch
1-354. Julie
1-355. girl who loves skater guys
1-356. Sarah M.
1-357. Addresses listed here in (i.e. my notebook the bubble list is written in)
1-358. Gifts from Sweetheart Court
1-359. Ryan's Songs
360. Lego hound
1-361. Sammantha
1-362. Molly
1-363. Johnny
1-364. Janice
1-365. good looking girl in psych ward (Lael)
366. Ian Campbell, the dislexic friend and Amy, and "the gnome" and condoms
-367 Christina Nickles
-368. Rachel Wilson and the book of punk
-369. Heath Ledger
27-370. The SCHWARZ!
-371. Christean Kolquist
27-372. Marc and the duct tape
27-373. Marc's dream wagon
-374. Tracy and 2 seater Healy
-375. Tori Amos
-376. Tracy's guitar
27-377. Led Zeppelin
378. Save Ferris
379. Ferris
27-386. 12 copies of Ferris Bueller's Day off and a TV/VCR combo
-381. Tracy says "marc's guitar pick."
382. S.I.N.G.L.E.

1-383. the stairway to heavens
1-384. Jill
1-385. Suzy G.
1-386. meds
1-387. Samantha
1-388. facial tissues soda
1-441. My protector ???
-442. Fire works
-443. Guys who like Tracy excluding Adam and Lievin
444. sunglasses (444-4444)
1-445. Lael's puzzles
1-446. F.I.N.E.
1-447. composition books
448. Blockbuster
1-449. Sister Hendon and Brother Hendon
1-450. B.J. (Marc's young brother; what where YOU thinking?)
1-451. Parvonae
1-453. Greg
1-454. swingers
1-455. Swing Music
1-456. "Whom The Gods Love"
1-457. "The Poem Book"
1-458. "Even Stevens"
1-459. tamboureens
1-460. hats
1-461. Greg's 1973 penny
453-462. Bethany
453-463. Brendon
453-464. Joe
453-465. Scott Summers
453-466. Gail D.
453-467. Ian Songer
453-468. Tinsel Town
453-469. WYM song 10
453-470. Debbie
453-471. Disturbed
453-472. KORN
453-473. Godsmack
453-474. Monster Magnet
453-475. Mellissa
453-476. Erica
L1-477. cute girl in movie
453-478. Mom - Sandee (Greg's mom)
453-479. Dad - Mike (Greg's dad)
453-480. cool guy in Movie

1-481. Cub's fans
1-482. tainted love
1-483. "the long walk"
453-484. sisters Ursala and Garnet (Greg's)
485. Grandparents (George and Betty) (you guessed it)

1-486. mothers
1-487. Krystal
1-488. Myra
1-489. the claw
1-490. 1 gm's
1-491. Hilary Duff
1-492. black and golds
1-493. gumballs
1-494.porcipine balls (shut up Tim)
1-495. Killer White van
1-496. Spys Like Us
1-497. Nuns on the Run
1-498. cupcakes
1-499. "paridise" dude
1-500. Febreeze
1-501. Downy wrinkle release
1-502. vacums
503. "wet floor" signs (in carpeted areas)
504. spoons
505. blank t-shirts
506. white letters
1-507. our "free" cd
1-508. my cd display box
1-509. the cd's contained in 508
1-510. twinkies
1-511. frogs
1-512. flare guns
1-513. the 6th Sense
1-514. Pay it Forward
1-515. Artificial Intelligence
1-516. Star Wars I-VI
1-517. playing cards (blue Aviators brand)
1-518. card tables - 26
1-519. psychologists
1-520. psychiatrists
L1-522. the girl in the green shirt
u1-523. paraphin wax
1-524. that picture over there (no, not that one)
n1-525. instruction manuels for bubbles *grins*
1-526. an old German luger
1-527. triangle pancakes
1-528. Unbreakable
1-529. girl w/nifty voice in English
1-530. cute girl smoking by bench
1-531. R.J. Reynolds
1-532. Californication
1-533. history books
1-534. "hello, my name is ________" stickers (Aloha, my name is...)
1-535. tattoo artists
1-536. craftsmen
1-537. raw materials
1-538. clay
1-539. kilns *smiles*
1-540. glazes
1-541. cute girl who asked what time it was
1-542. tattoo artists (more of them? or just the talented ones this time?)
1-543. piercing specalists
1-545. psychotropic illicit drugs
L1-546. really cute girl @ Denny's who knew Tym (Shannon) (sp?)
1-547. Guy who eft interesting message on his mon's answering machine (Jake)
1-549. rocks, stones, rotting vegetables, and other throwable objects
1-550. #547's inventions
L1-551. really fine girl in blue at Denny's
L1-552. Cindy, cute girl from Iowa who liked my book
L1-553. REALLY fine girl at Denny's who knew Tym's and my name (Stephanie)
1-554. offee, cream, sugar
1-555. knives, ropes, lethal ptions
1-556. Eddie and Nicole
1-557. Ashlee and Mikee (don't ask)
1-558. Natalya
L1-559. Kirsten
L1-565. cute guy @ Wendy's
L1-566. Laura
1-567. Klingon Language Institute
1-568. All works produced by, or under the direction of #567 or #569
1-569. Marc Okrand
L1-570. Annie the waitress
1-571. Performance Halls :)
1-573. "Nicole"
J1-574. mint diet coke
L1-575. Maryanne
1-576. Scottish dude in kilt at Denny's
L1-578. The cute Hawaiian Girl aka Dalyn
1-579. cute girl w/ nifty necklace (Sarah Creviston)
1-580. the child
1-581. Malachi (whipped)
1-582. Tsavo
1-583. Flutterby(s)
1-584. my Klingon Dictionary File
1-585. cute girl who knew my name, but I didn't remember meeting (Melissa Mae Millard Thompson) (oooh, she got married-I should do that too)
1-586. my cadillac (toQDuj . . . five miles . . . just five more miles)
1-587. Cute girl in pink shirt who was dancing to my music?
1-588. nurse-type girl who is a regular at the library
1-589. XXXXXXXXX Susie & Applemac
1-590. Denny's
1-591. zoo's
j1-592. other's composition books
1-593. Mandy Hicks
1-594. Brett Willis
578-595. Bartlett's Book of Familiar Quotes
578-596. Grape Bubblicious Bubble Gum
593-597. Monty Python!!
578-598. Grape Soda
593-599. SPATULA!! (spoon) {Fork}
578-600. "Le Fantom de l'Opera" ~Gaston Leroux
593-601. Care Bears
578-602. Mandy's Queens
578-603. a miniature Volcano
593-604. DIVA!!
578-605. a pen to add to the bubble list
578-606. a sexy knife (okay, a bunch of them...)
578-607. Dalyn's Dork-onomitor
578-608. 12 pianos
578-609. Handbells
578-610. panpipes
578-611. chickens
578-612. *)Starkiss~>
578-613. Daniel [Selsor]'s Clamour
578-614. The Daisho Dalyn wants
594-615. Taibo & Taechi videos
578-616. Plaster Cows
578-617. Purdue University's Hello Walk
593-618- IAM!!! [Indiana Ambassadors of Music?]

1-619. edeible purple body paint
578-620. Blue 40 Food Coloring
578-621. Falsetto
578-622. the word Dalyn is thinking now
578-623. the word "Now"
578-624. The Abbey
594-625. swords
594-626. Axes (expiroment 626... Stitch!)
594-627. explosives
1-628. Cheesecake trucks
578-629. Carrot Cake
578-630. Evil in a bottle
578-631. Neosinephrin
578-632. Nersery Rymes
578-633. Naughty Nersery Rymes
578-634. German Chocolate Cake
578-635. Hawaiian food to feed DKM
578-636. Terriaky Chicken
578-637. poi
578-638. haupia
578-639. the Hawaiian Islands
593-640. [some freaky picture that Mandy drew] ???
578-641. question marks
578-642. fire
578-643. indoor plumbing
578-644. toothpicks
578-645. trees
578-647. sugar cane ... yeah ...
593-648. Back massages!!
593-649. Sleeping bags
593-650. Hagus!!
1-651. hammocks
1-652. trees (approved by Em)
1-653. clove flavored candy sticks
578-654. Dalyn's Genie magic in a bottle?
578-655. koi ponds... koikoikoikoikoikoikoikoikoi...
578-656. killer kiwi herds
578-657. watches
593-658. Tyder
578-659. cocoa powder
578-660. spa(s)
578-661. Anonymous third parties
578-662. sheep
578-663. LDS Black sheep ^_~*
578-664. volleyball
578-665. wallflowers
578-666. The dirty word I am thinking :D
578-667. glow sticks & party lites
578-668. duct tape
578-669. the geckomaster
578-670. Pluto (the planet)
578-671. blue [crystal] bic pens
578-672. Merrillology 101
578-673. Hawaiian nose flute
578-674. surf boards
578-675. all of Dalyn's dirty thoughts
in a bottle
578-676. more bubbles
578-677. strawberry smoothies
578-678. meteorologists
594-679. Hawaiian Pizza
593-680. guilt trips
594-681. Indian weather stones
578. Japanese Lanterns
578-682. the Cow song by Arrogant Worms
578-683. all the love I have for naHQun
in a bottle
578-684. mistakes in a bottle
594-685. trenchcoats
578-686. graham crackers (cinnimon)
578-687. Atari (frogger) (pong) (pacman)
578-688. Super Mario World [by Super Nintendo]
594-689. "Gone in 60 Seconds" & "the Fast and the Furious"
1-690. 40 packs (oooOOOooo...)
578-692. skeeters
578-693. a yellow parasall
578-694. mini cow
578-695. gangster chickens
578-696. Super Nintendo systems
578-697. writing in the margins...
1-698. punk-ass Donatello
578-699. steak (mmmmmmm...)
578-700. humming birds

594-701. deer
578-702. Raspberries *razz*
578-703. Mint Chocolate Chip Icecream
578-704. Dalyn's Journals
578-705. guitars
578-706. a bar to walk in to

1-707. a toothless old termite
578-708. a frayed knot
578-709. a duck billed platepuss
578-710. Mandy's sarcasim in a bottle
578-711. Mandy's Money Machine (the pimpmobile)
578-712. 578's Dad's sense of humor
578-713. 578's black cup
578-714. Comatosology
1-715. parmaq
578-716 *astriks*
578-717. fresh tomatoes
578-718. A1 sauce
BoB the Tomatoe
578-720. Larry Cucumber
578-721. Jr. Asparagus
578-722. Ricky Evans "I was sooo drunk..."
578-723. abreviations
578-724. Chocolate fudge sauce
578-725. Ramakins
578-726. Superman
578-727. Jaw Harp
578-728. "Neas"
578-729. parenthasis
578-730. "Quotes"
578-731. HitchHicker's Guide to the Galaxy
578-732. Babblefish
578-733. Caen pepper
578-734. Vikings
578-735. dolphins
578-736. I D 10 T problems
578-737. Metalica
578-738. Red Hot Chilli Peppers
578-740. cuddlefish
578-742. manapua
578-743. Dalyn's little Black Cloak
578-744. Exclamation points!!
578-745. ... dot dot dot ... (s)
578-746. Bubble Specialists to work the bubbles
578-747. Big
red trucks
1-748. Hot Topic
1-749. Michael & Denise Okuda
1-750. Phil Farrand
1-751. nifty stickers
1-752. sticker making devices
1-753. State Farm
1-754. sparkly glitter paint stuff
1-755. spare keys
1-757. locksmiths
1-757. slim jims
1-758. obese freds
1-759. IMCPL
1-780. William Shatner
1-781. Leonard Nimoy
1-782. DeForest Kelly
1-783. James Doohan
1-784. George Takei
1-785. Walter Koenig
1-786. Nichelle Nichols
1-787. big red rock eaters
f1-788. bleu cheese dressing
1-789. paperclips
1-790. Patrick Stewart
1-791. Jonathan Franks
1-792. Brent Spiner :)
1-793. LeVar Burton
1-794. Michael Dorn
1-795. Gates McFadden
1-796. Marina Sirtis
1-797. Wil Wheaton
1-798. Denise Crossby
1-799. Colm Meaney
N1-800. my collection of dictionaries
1-801. incense holders
1-802. incense
1-803. Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations
1-804. pineapple soda (Not Kroger Brand)
1-805. my rotary phone
1-806. my typewriter
1-807. Click, Clack, Moo; Cows that type (book)
578-808. Coke with no ice
578-809. Military time & the metric system
578-810. all of Dalyn's old Boyfrieds (so they can't escape me... I want answers! HA!)
1-811. Smile people greeters Aloha people
1-812. ketchup

note: the next few bubbles were written in pIqaD (the navtive Klingon writing system). If all you see is little boxes, click here.

-.   & 
-. 
-. 
-. 
1-817. tips
-. 
-. 
(spiked w/ pain)
-. 
-. 
-. 
-. 
-. 
1-825. proofreaders
1-826. @--‹--'s
1-827. wet noodles for flooging
578-828. toothpicks
1-829. Dalyn's hymnal(s)
1-830. Jared & Lindsay
1-831. James Carroll & friends
578-832. straws
722-833. Brian Heaton
722-834. bon bons
722-835. The Triple Play Deal
722-836. Sunshine Cafe
722-837. Grand Slam for 2.99
722-838. Herb 1st.
722-840. midgets
722-842. beavers
843. [ ]
722-844. monkey
578-845. ox in the mire
722-846. Madonna
722-847. Robert Smith
722-848. Brian's Mom
722-849. ugly cloth linins
722-850. sushi
722-851. Dreams
???-852. exerpts
578-853. cop cars
1-854. red ink thoughts
1-855. red ink actions
578-856. happy dance
1-857. reasons for happy dances
1-858. blinds
1-859. drapes
578-860. the word "random"
1-861. right pages
578-862. the word "oops"
1-863. forgiveness
1-864. second chances
1-865. Mini Cow's theme song
1-866. Mini Cow's collar
578-867. Dalyn's collar
1-868. shoulders to cry on
1-869. ears willing to listen
1-870. arms ready to hug
578-871. The American flag
578-872. The Hawaiian flag
578-873. Dalyn's black saddle bag
1-873. multi-colored ink-filled pages
1-874. the yellow piece of paper
578-875. Polynesia & its cultures
578-876. The Bubble Master Handbook
1-877. home teachers
1-878. visiting teachers
1-879. visiting hours
1-880. fire alarms
1-881. smoke detectors
1-882. carbon monoxide detector
1-883. post-it® notes
1-884. note pads
1-885. cork boards
1-886. dry-erase boards
1-887. neck ties
!-***.  & 
1-889. Dalyn's bubble comments
1-890. frags
1-891. Wal*Mart
1-892. The peacful warrior
1-893. Michael's web-site
1-894. Hauoli
1-895. hala kahiki
1-896. randoM cAPitaL lETTers


2-1097. ^^tym^^ and ~Nissa~

k1-1114. Lisa Lou

alright, there are over 1,000 bubbles, so I'll try to type a few each day (or the Cute Hawaiian girl will). If you're concerned that your bubble is not listed, contact me and I'll give you your bubble number :) (actually she has the list in her possession (sp?), so contact her.
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(Omni-bubble). And it shall be made in the color iridescent blue.

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