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The NETXQRP Club participated in the QRP To The Field (QRPTTF) Contest on Saturday, April 28, 2001 at W5USJ's QTH in the beautiful country side of Rains Co., Texas. The weather cooperated with temps in the high 70's with bright sunshine. The operating crew was Chuck, W5USJ running his new Yeasu FT-817, Bill, K5JHP with his neat K1 portable setup, Rich, N5JI on his recently completed K2, and James, KC5DSP running an Icom 706 in QRP mode. Operation was multi-op using the club's call, KN5TX. The "monolith" was one of Chuck's 90 ft. oak trees. Special station ID was "OAKS". Operation totaled 5.5 hours out of the 9 hour contest time period.

Total score was 75,900. The log breakdown is shown at the bottom of this page.

Anyone who worked us and would like a QSL from KN5TX operating from Rains Co, TX, send one via W5USJ at his QRZ address (NO SASE is required) and you will receive this special event QSL card in return (with your QSO info, of course!).

Here are a few shots of the location and operation.

L-R: Rich (N5JI), Bill (K5JHP), and Pete (call pending, K9???).
Visible in the background is the base of the 90 ft. Mighty Oak.

W5USJ's op position.

Rich, N5JI just had to show off his new 'Elecraft' shirt!

Looking over Rich's shoulder.

And here's the final score sheet.

Call used = KN5TX, Name used = OAKS

Worked a total of 5.5 hours (actually a little less but rounded up).

Operated 3 bands, 40, 20, 15,

Qs on 40 = 11, SPCs = 5

Qs on 20 = 37, SPCs = 18

Qs on 15 = 3, SPCs = 2

We tried 10 several times with no results. There was a brief period on 15 when we heard stations but only managed the 3 Qs. Twenty was the best band but was in and out with often rapidly changing conditions. Similar situation with 40 early and it was getting better near the end of our run.

Worked a lot of familiar calls and all had a great time operating in the shade of the tall oaks, red buds, and mulberrys. Towards the end, when we seemed to be hearing only already worked stations, we decided to QRT early.

Compared to the reports from others, it looks like we did quite well for our first time out as a club. The efforts of Jan, the NorCal Contest Critter and the rest of the NorCal crew who helped bring us this event, are greatly appreciated.

Our score summary:

755 QSO pts x 25 SPCs x 4 Loc MOM + 400 bonus = 75,900

Arizona was the most frequently worked SPC.

A big thanks to everybody who made this a fun event!!