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W5USJ's Tiny Tornado in a Tiny Tin

Chuck Carpenter, W5USJ

Here's the complete rig built into a small mint tin.

The key and headphone jacks are in the cover. The capacitor switch is in the bottom top left corner. The antenna jack is a miniature audio type thing and is in the bottom lower left front corner. The power lead is direct wired in from the bottom right front corner.

And here's Chuck's complete Tiny Tornado Station.

The keyer is a PK-3 memory keyer kit built in a small cast aluminum box. The transmatch is a hybrid of circuits from the ZM-2 and a Charlie Lofgren coil design. It's built for coax only. I used a T130-6 for the transformer. Also used some 5 Watt thick film 51 ohm resistors for the bridge so I can run a full QRP gallon into it during tune-up.