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July 19th - I just got back on Monday from San Francisco. Let me tell you I had so much fun! I did all the normal 3eb stuff like Haight Street and the Dalva Bar - but some of my favorite parts were the Sea Lions at Pier 39 and Muir Woods. Neways...I am working really hard to make this site look A LOT better so bare with me. Right now I just have the bare minimum links. I now have updated in the news part all the info. I found out from the boys in Cleveland so enjoy! More to come though I promise!

July 11 th - I am going to San Francisco tomorrow for about five days. I am completely renovating the site to make it easier to navigate and stuff. I have lots of pictures from the Cleveland show plus new information I found out from the boys. I will update this site majorly within the next month. Sorry for the lack of updates life is pretty busy right now with college classes and trying to prepare to move in less than a month! If you notice some of the site is missing thats because of all the work I am doing. So bare with me! Thanks and email me with any questions/concerns/comments etc.

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