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!!!!! NEWS FLASH !!!!!     []      Home again     []      But only in June     []      But I do deliver     []      I only ask for a small portion of Meatloaf Bean in return     []      New pics under Archives     []      Late.....     []

Welcome to the website that honors the rich smell of Tovar's neighbor's stinker.

Strutting to her car one day, captured on film, this celebrated stinch overcame the aroma put off by a passing garbage truck filled with wonderment from the east side. Yes, nearly unbelievable, but true. Of course, why would a clip of the Gospel Light Housekeeper prove this to be can't. Hence the next gathering of champions, come one, come all...and partake in the glory of the sniff that has had folks coming for months, and certainly years to come, next summer at Dodger Reunion 2003 (Weekend of Champions).

Planning for the 20 year anniversary of the Dodgers beating of the Yankees in 1983 is underway…stay tuned for details, we have until 2003.

Recipe of the day:

Meatloaf Bean


1 Sealy Truckstop 1/2 lb. hamburger patty
4 oz. Sealy Truckstop refried beans


From a half eaten plate of Sealy Truckstop enchiladas, carefully scoop refried beans off of the plate and place them on the remainder of a 1/2 lb. Sealy Truckstop hamburger patty that has been strategically removed from the bun and other hamburger fixings, after the orderer of the hamburger can't eat anymore. Enjoy!!!

Jim Day 2000 recap:

Well friends and old Blue Eyes would say, "Start spreading the NEWS"...Jim Day 2000 has come and gone. Our drinking helmets were put to the test and we embraced the "sweet umbrella" with dry open arms. This long anticipated celebration went off without a hitch and planning for the 4th annual Jim Day is underway. Whichever weekend it falls on in May 2001, we'll be ready.

Due to recent demands, from members both hither and yon, Jim Day 2001 will include an X-treme gravity sports exhibition. In an effort to secure the best, as we're all accustomed to, we're starting a movement to recruit X-treme sports superstar, Biker Sherlock and Johnny "Big Air" Mosely, leader of the ever growing community of free-style skiers. Join us and the athletes for all the festivities and the much overdue tribute we're going to pay to Frank Sinatra.

Please send additional ideas and comments for next year's festivities to the email address below and they will be promptly routed to the planning committee. Also, feel free to forward this web address to anyone you think might enjoy it or who you deem worthy of attending next years extravaganza (although I fear the number of potential enjoyees is rather limited).

Sincerely, co-founder of Jim Day/Jim's Eve...late.

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