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Frisco,TX - South


Children's Activities

We have several activies planned for the children each month. These activities include playgroups, park days, field trips, holiday parties, pool days, and much more! Remember you are certainly not expected to come to every function. Pick and choose what you have time for in your schedule.

The purpose of the teams is to allow us to meet more of our MOMS Club friends in a smaller group. Our club is quite large and this is an informal way to meet. The teams meet every month for a fun activity.

The Moms Club of Frisco sponsors several playgroups. The playgroups meet weekly in the member's homes or at a local park.

Park Days
We host at least two park days each month. Moms and kids meet at various local parks for fun and companionship.

Field Trips
We go on at least one field trip during the month, sometimes more. Field trips may include going to The Dallas Zoo, Ft. Worth Museum of Science and History, Arbor Hills Nature Preserve, The Aubrey Pumpin Patch, and more!

Holiday Parties
We host different holiday parties throughout the year such as a Halloween Party and a Christmas Party. We have lots of fun and activities at these parties.

Pool Days
During those long, hot days of summer, we meet at several different pools around the area.

Other Activities
We meet at other places too during the month. These may include meeting for lunch, going to a movie, playing at a gymnastics center, going to a library for story time, and lots of other fun things so that your children may learn, grow, and have fun!

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