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"The owners of the land bordering this cemetery have taken the fence down and (so I have heard) taken all the headstones down, taken them to Mexico and built a fence with them. I hardly know where to turn with this problem. My Great grandmother and her daughter, a Great Aunt, were buried there."
Belva Wiggins Whitefield


Plainview Community Cemetery is located six miles from the Lovington New Mexico, Resthaven Cemetery on the Tatum Highway (State Rd. 206), turn east and travel one mile and then one-half mile north.The list was compiled by Belle Elizabeth Jackson Reed and husband Jimmy Ray Reed, and Ruth Dennis Brown and husband Weldon Brown - Charter members of the Lea County Genealogical Society of Lovington, NM.

Here is the list of missing headstones:
A. H. Blit No dates

Alvis E. Cox Oct. 13, 1889 May 27, 1908
(Son of E. D. and Anna V. Cox)

Elizabeth Rebekah Stewart Bramlett July 6, 1840 May 25/June 7, 1918

Harriett Elizabeth Bates Aug 1830 Aug 30, 1918
(Mother of Jim Bigham, blacksmith.
Her first husband was William Nix Bigham)

Cordelia (Cordie) Green Cooper No Dates
(Wife of Ola Cooper, son of Jacob Aaron Cooper)

Helen Smith Newman No Dates

Cyntha Adam Hyder Wiggins Feb. 18, 1833 Jan. 4, 1924
(Mother of Alfred Taylor Wiggins and Almeda Lauraine Wiggins Clayton)

Almeda Lauraine Wiggins Clayton April 9, 1869 Aug. 23, 1927
(Daughter of Cyntha Hyder Wiggins, sister of Alfred Taylor Wiggins and wife of Jesse Philander Clayton.)

Jim Stefmire No Dates
(Young man, son of Enoch J. and Amelia Stefmire.)

There are many unmarked graves, possibly 20 to 40.
The end of Plainview Community Cemetery.


The Norris Family Cemetery is located in Yellow Creek Township, Columbiana County, Ohio, south of Boyd Road. The headstones were last known to be there in 1965, (photographed).
Robert Loughley

Here is the list of missing stones.
Henry Davis Norris, died 30th of December 1827 age 60 years 3 months
Norris, William D., died 14th March 1864 ae 71 years 28 days
Isabella, died 26 July 1877 ae 78 years
Norris, Annie Belle, daughter of A.M. & M.J.,died 21th October 1865 ae 22 months 3 days "Suffer little children and come unto me."
Ewing, James, died 11th February 1845 ae 62 years 6 months 11 days
------- -------- 24 May,1813
Two infant graves,one marked W.T.

The end of Norris Family Cemetery.

Bridgeton, Missouri
This burying ground at 4616 Long Road was made into a memorial park in 1962. In 1959 several lawsuits were filed against the City for allowing the cemetery to deteriorate. Individual stones had already been removed "through error and misunderstanding" but members of the Bridgeton Historical Commission were able to learn the names of some who were buried there and a large monument was erected in 1963 which bears this inscription, "We honor the people buried here. They were part of this nations adventure and their vision lighted the path we follow today." At the dedication ceremonies, Mrs. Anna Wilson gave a talk about colored veterans who are buried here. Records indicate that the cemetery was integrated from its beginning in 1858. It was in use as late as 1954 and at least 100 people are buried in the two acres. On the bronze plaque of the monument are the following names:
Annie Adams
Auston Edwards
Enoch Mumps
Edward Walker
Benjamin Adams
Auston Edwards Jr.
Elio Phillips
Kit Walker
George Adams
Grace Edwards
Eliza Phillips
Lizzie Walker
Lottie Adams
Katie Edwards
Ike Phillips
Quiller Walker
Ben Alexander
The Galliger Family
Tilly Phillips
Tommy Walker
George Alexander
Almiria Grannison
Walter Phillips
Barbara White
Henry Alexander
Creed Hall
Bell Pruitt
John White
Lucy Alexander
Creed Hall, Jr.
The Pueroa Family
Noah White
Eugene Allen
Hillard Hall
Fred Riddle
Shibina White
Arthur Bassett
Hiram Hall
James Robertson
Alice Wilson
Dr. William Berry
Jack Haggerty
Will Rush
Ernest Wilson
Febie Bivens
The Heidron Children
Baron Scott
Geroge Wilson
George Bivens
Lizzie Hodge
Louise Scott
Theodore Woodson
Lizzie Bivens
Steve Hodge
Lydia Scott
Baby Woolfolk
Millie Bivens
The Horn Family
Laura Smith
Hadley Woolfolk
Rafe Bivens
Nasrus Jackson
Roberta Stanton
Gibson Wright
Samuel Bivens
Amy Johnson
Lewis Stevenson
Hiram Wright
Cosley Black
George Johnson
Fred Steward
Mamie Wright
Edward Black
Julia Johnson
Henry Stocker
Green Young
Hiram Black
Robert Johnson
Joseph Taylor
Mary Ann Young
King Black
Turner Johnson
Abe Thompson
Skip Young
Sam Balck (Black?)
Mr. Knight
Henry Thompson
Bell Carter
Henry Lewis
Hiram Thompson
Lilly Cheeks
Hal Lint
Jenny Thompson
Henry Clanton
Luvenia Lint
Mamie Tucker
Fred Dickson
The McClure Family
Barney Vonsray
Joe Duglas, Jr.
Jessie Moore
Texas Hall Wadlington

This list was given to me by The Missouri Historical Society P.O. Box 11940 St. Louis, Missouri 63112-0040 (314) 746-4599

Shirley Wotawa is seeking information about the persons buried here. If you can help with this project, please contact her at: 142 Sheppley Dr. Apt #2, St. Louis, Missouri 63137.

You can also contact the St. Louis Dept. of Parks and Recreation Historical Preservation Office at (314) 615-0357.

Submitted by Pat Jones Smith who has spent hours getting the word out about this cemetery.
Pat Jones Smith


Antonia E. Currie, Daughter of J. B. and A. E. Currie, Born November 11, 1874, Died November 24, 1874, "Free From All Earthly Care; Pure From All Earthly Stain, Oh Who could Wish Her Back Again."

Taken from the Concrete Cemetery in LaVernia,Texas, near the Guadalupe and Wilson County line. This stone was removed from the cemetery in 1997.
Shirley Grammer


T. M. Ewell, Son of J. and M. Ewell of Prince William County Virginia was Born October 11, 1817 Died December 11, 1866. Aged 49 years and 2 months. "Asleep in Jesus" Taken from the Concrete Cemetery in LaVernia,Texas, near the Guadalupe and Wilson County line. This stone was removed from the cemetery in May of 2000.
Shirley Grammer


Photograph of headstone taken March of 1973, in Wheeling Cemetery, Wheeling, IL. "Here rests in peace."