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In loving memory of Larry Boltin
May 15, 1970 - April 20, 2000


(Blankets' of love)

I know you are not here on earth
But in my heart you live
God took you up to heaven
Cause you have so much to give

Though I cannot see you
You are not standing here
I think I see your shadow
And now I feel no fear

A shadow is really a blanket
To fill you with warmth and love
Woven by the angels
From heaven high above

I miss you; I can't help but say
And I'm sad that you had to go
But I know you're with me everyday
I see you there….My Shadow

So I remember you upon this day
And think of you with pride
And when the sun shines down just right
I can see you by my side

Written by; Shannon Boltin